Oil Cured Olives, Italian Style

Imported Italian Style Oil Cured Olives. Kosher.

Quick facts

  • Imported Italian Style Oil Cured Olives.
  • Kosher.

Top reviews

Best on top of pizza!

These are amazing black olives. They taste more like a kalamata than just a ripe black California olive. These olives are the closest thing I have found in the US to sprinkle on top of a pizza that has almost finished baking, in the traditional Sao Paulo/Italian pizza style. They are salty and have a stronger flavor than a brined kalamata black olive, so someone new to these olives might not want to eat them straight out of the jar…
IlanaFontana, KS


this was a hard to find products in my area and i didn’t know what to expect, but they are fabulous
EleonoreOsakis, MN

Krinos Oil Cured Olives

I was disappointed with the flavor of these olives. They do not taste fresh. I have had much better in my lifetime. They shipped after a few days of being ordered and were packed very well…only wish they tasted better. I use them on homeade pizza because I can mask the staleness of flavor with a great sauce and extra cheeses.
DaronBurnt Cabins, PA