OKONATUR 100% Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil – 16 Fl Oz

Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil comes from the fruit of the tropical palm tree Elaeis Guineensis. Provides valuable free-radical protection for the cardiovascular and immune systems. Contains more antioxidants and vitamin E than any other Oil. Helps to reduce LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides. For healthier cooking.

Quick facts

  • Our oil (Which is dark red color – more liquid) comes only from the pulp of the fruit and not from the seed, since the pulp is the one that has the vitamin E and carotenes
  • When the seed is also used, the oil will have an 82% saturated fat, making a more solid oil
  • Extravirgin red palm oil has Co-enzyme Q10, Tocopherols and Tocotrienols (Vitamin E), Carotenoids (Vitamin A)
  • Squalene, Phytoene, Lutein and Lycopene, Enjoy with Okonatur extravirgin red palm oil the freshness and purity, only from the pulp of the fruit

Top reviews


This bottle is $14.00 plus $15.00 for s/h. I’ll have to keep searching. I guess. I am giving this three stars as, to be fair, I have not tried it, but three stars is middle of the road….not a bad rating, not a good rating.
JodiNewland, NC

Supposed to be healthy; Taste is Gag.

I heard all about red palm oil from an Underground Wellness blog-radio show. It sounded really healthy with all the antioxidant and Vitamin E tocotrienols, so I decided to give it a try.
Here is first experience with red palm oil:

The oil looked somewhat like a more viscous tomato paste and then the smell hit me. It didn’t smell like something I wanted to eat. I tasted a little bit and found it to be an indescribably bad taste – somewhat like when you throw up a little bit in your mouth. I kept an open mind and used it to cook some everyday items like meat and eggs. The oil smoked almost right away over heat. I was rather disappointed in that, but someone else said they experienced the same thing and that it’s not supposed to do that. The food I made with it gained the flavor of the palm oil, unfortunately, and it was rather strong.

I’m thinking that when you use it, you need to put it in dishes that will overpower it with strong spices and other flavors. If anybody has any suggestions on complimentary cuisine, I’d appreciate it. I still think the health benefits outweigh the bad taste, so I want to keep using it – just sparingly and in dishes that overpower it.

ClorindaWisconsin Rapids, WI

Excellent product!!!

I received last week this extra virgin red palm oil, and for those gourmet vegetarians like me, I strongly recommend to use this oil to prepare a Tofu Stir Fry (tofu, zucchini, and yellow squash, with some spices as coriander, garlic and salt). Delicious and very healthy Dish!
ShawnHolbrook, ID

Red Palm Oil for Parrots

I buy this product as a dietary supplement for my African Grey Parrot. It helps keep his feathers nice and shiny and discourages plucking. Its not appropriate for all species but greys eat palm nuts in the wild and need a high intake of oil in their diet. My bird loves it and will eat it right off the spoon.
DonnOldhams, VA

Great for parrots & people

I bought this for my parrot but have ended up using it for me, my dogs and parrots. It taste great and I can see an improvement in my birds feathers and my dogs coat.
The price was great and it got to Alaska in just a few days.
CarmelinaPrattsville, AR

Red Palm Oil

This is the second Red Palm Oil that I have tried. THis bottle of oil smoked when I turned on the heat. I hadn’t had that to happen before. I am satisfied with the flavor though.
LiviaSavanna, IL

awesome palm oil

I love the palm oil. It is organic, extra virgin, and unrefined–which is what I was looking for. One of the jars arrived broken and the company remedied the situation immediately. I will definitely order again! Also, it was the best price I could find.
KeniaTomahawk, KY

Excellent Product

I received this red palm oil about 3 days ago. It is absolutely delicious. We consume it straight from the jar as an anti-oxidant supplement.
It smells like a mild spice but when consumed tastes like carrot puree. And since I love carrots, this is awesome 🙂

The only bad thing is that I didn’t order more…

AnjaMaitland, FL

Tasty Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Oil is a wonderful, healthy, tasty addition to a low carb diet. If you are searching for a new healthy fat to use in your meal preparations, in addition to the coconut oil you are already using, then Red Palm Oil is for you. The bright orange color comes from the abundant caratinoids in the red palm fruit. It is also rich source of vitamin E, and CoQ10.

It adds a wonderfully unique flavor to egg, meat, and fish dishes. I typically like to blend red palm oil w/ coconut oil for pan frying salmon, or grilling meat or poultry. It also works well in chili recipes.

Red Palm Oil is difficult, if not impossible, to find in retail grocers, including the large, organic, health food grocer.

Even though this oil is widely used throughout the world, being produced in countries such as, West Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South America, it must be a scarce import to the USA. Why else would the price for this oil be so expensive? When you add $10+ shipping cost to the $14+ retail cost, that’s EXPENSIVE! for 16oz, relative to other healthy cooking fats like olive and coconut oil, or butter.

I’ve tried both the Okonatur and Omni brands sold by Amazon, and while both are good, I prefer the Okonatur. The Okonatur red palm oil seems to smoke during frying a little more readily than the Omni brand, which may be due to a different fatty acid profile, however, the flavor characteristics of the Okonatur are more pleasant to my palate.

For price comparison purposes, I have purchased a 16oz jar of Okonatur Red Palm Oil for $18.99 retail (San Francisco, CA) That, vs the $28.00 it will cost on Amazon – not a difficult choice to make.

Bottom line: Buy Online if you can’t find it locally – but give red palm oil a try.

AaronBourbonnais, IL


I love cooking with Red Palm Oil, I use a lot of West African Recipes.
TrudiCotton, GA

Excellent, Awesome Product

This is great red palm oil. Even though most people are using it to cook with, the health benefits are much greater if you do not heat it. It is great in a salad. Use with organic vinegar, salt, cayenne, and other spices you would like as a dressing. CoQ10 is destroyed upon heating, so cooking is a terrible way to get the health benefits. Also, the vitamin E is destroyed upon being heated. This product also contains an extremely high content of vitamin A, which is also destroyed upon heating. The one user who described his birds appearance glow after using this product must have fed it to him right out of the jar, without heating it. Even though cooking with is occasionally is okay, remember that almost all of the time, it is much better to eat it raw (unheated). This is one of the truly great raw foods which is loaded with, as far as I am concerned, the most beneficial combination of nutrients that every body needs.

The Okonatur Red Palm Oil is Extra Virgin and Organic. It has all of the characteristics that Red Palm Oil should have. It remains solid in cooler temperatures, but becomes liquid at slightly higher temperatures (well below cooking temp!!) A hot day will cause the oil to become liquid. The color is a deep reddish orange, which means that all of the nutrients that I described above are present. The pungent taste comes from the way the palm fruit tastes. The pungent taste is also an indication that this product is fresh and pure. If Red Palm Oil tastes bland, it is a sign that it is not fresh, and the beneficial nutrients are missing!! I personally would never cook with it, as my body seems to need all of the nutritional benefits derived from eating it raw.

This is a company dedicated to delivering a product with all of the nutritional benefits intact. They are not concerned with just making a quick profit. I can tell by the way they take care to deliver the very highest quality Organic, Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil that they care deeply about their customers. I thank God for people dedicated to the health of their customers, rather than dedicated to lining their pockets with gimmick products. I can tell you, this product is truly a winner. I can assure you that this is one company where the owners as well as the employees eat their product.

Try eating it raw, (i.e., uncooked), and you will see great improvements in your health. It is truly packed with nutrition and health. Everything from your eyes to your hair to your attitude to your energy to your sleep and more will improve upon eating this Red Palm Oil the correct way.

It has been my great pleasure to have found such a wonderful product, as well as a great company to purchase it from. Don’t just take my word, eat it raw and you will write the same raving reviews I just did! An extremely satisfied customer!!!

PhilipBayview, ID


red palm oil is healthy. it’s loaded with vitamin E, along with other nutrients. other healthy oils are: coconut oil, sesame oil, flaxseed oil, hemp oil, nuts, seeds, and some others.
DeboraDe Mossville, KY