Old Bay Seasoning for Seafood, Poultry, Salads & Meats, 6-Ounce Canister

A unique “collection” of herbs and spices carefully blended to an exclusive secret formula. This unique blend of more than a dozen quality herbs and spices was created for a population passionate about steamed crabs, and has since become synonymous with the Chesapeake Bay. This famous ALL NATURAL seasoning has been a Maryland, Virginia and along the Atlantic and New England coastline seafood staple since 1939. A favorite with generations of good families, fishermen, cooks and vegetarians around the world. Comes in the original yellow and blue metal can with a dual flip-top lid for easy sprinkling or measuring. Several delicious recipes including steamed shrimp, steamed crab, crab cakes and a spicy marinade for chicken are printed on the side and back.

Quick facts

  • 6 Ounce
  • World-famous all-purpose seasoning
  • Unique blend of 18 spices and herbs – perfect for seafood, chicken or snack like popcorn, french fries or chips
  • Same great taste for more than 75 years
  • Packaged in the USA

Top reviews

watch prices

I just paid $3.00 for the 6 oz tin so watch the pricing….you can still get it for a bit cheaper here but only if you purchase the large multi pack
MarietteFairhope, PA


I put this on everything from tacos to eggs in the morning. Its the most delicious seasoning in the entire world.
WillieMonticello, IA

how long has this been around?

Wish I had this in my (limited) kitchen decades ago. Great for shrimp, fish, et.
StanfordOregon House, CA

Product as promised

Somewhat homebound, I was pleased to find this product online. It was just what I needed. It arrived quickly and in good shape. The product is of a goodly amount, so I won’t have to be ordering it too often. The service and quality were excellent.
StaciWyano, PA

Add a zing the crab cakes

If you are looking for certain something to add a zing to crab cakes then look no further than Old Bay Seasoning.
PatHooper, NE

Add it to your homemade potato salad for rave reviews!

My family has always used Old Bay Seasoning for steaming crabs and shrimp, and I also add a small amount to other fish dishes. A few years ago, however, I discovered what would be my favorite use for it…potato salad.

I have never liked deli potato salad and am pretty picky about homemade. My sister-in-law made some for a party, and it was the best I had ever eaten. I asked her what her secret was, and she ran down the usual list of potato salad ingredients. Then she told me she added Old Bay Seasoning. Bingo! That was it.

I went straight home and made my homemade potato salad, grabbed my can of Old Bay, and sprinkled away. I can’t say exactly how much I use, because I never measure ingredients when I’m making my own recipes. Just add some, stir it up, and taste….add some, stir it up, and taste till you like it. The seasoning does not overpower the salad flavor at all, just enhances it. Don’t be concerned that there is going to be a crab or shrimp taste to your salad; it isn’t the Old Bay that makes crabs and shrimp taste like seafood. Old Bay just makes seafood taste better, and now potato salad too. Try it on your homemade potato salad; I think you’ll love it.

StanleyBergholz, OH


use it all the time when I am cooking crab or grilling fish. excellent product.
JuleAkin, IL

My favorite seasoning

This has become my favorite seasoning to use. It pairs beautifully with seafood of course, but it’s also great on meat and all kinds of soups and salads. We also love it on potato salad, deviled eggs, omelets, baked potatoes, mac&cheese- just about any savory dish. And if you want to make the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits you have to have Old Bay. It adds just a little kick of spice as well without being overpowering. LOVE it.
JewelRuffin, SC

Classic Chesapeake Bay Spice

Great seasoning for all seafood, poultry, and even steak.

Anyone cooking fish needs to have this spice. I’ve been passed down the knowledge of this from my parents who in turn got it from their parents who got it from their parents who, learned of the spices from a neighboring fishery – two states away!

Needless to say, it’s awesome.

RayElizabeth, AR


I love Old Bay seasoning! I use them in fries, chicken, crabs, and shrimps. Bought it without any mistake. Got it as expected. Don’t listen to negative reviews that say too spicy! it’s delicious even though it’s spicy. Buy it!
JanettaPleasanton, KS