Old Bay Seasoning

Old Bay Seasoning from McCormick gives you hundreds of new ways to add flavor to your menu.

Quick facts

  • Old Bay makes seafood more savory
  • Old Bay adds pep to poultry, vigor to veggies, pizzazz to pizza, and spirit to sandwiches
  • Old Bay adds excitement to just about any food you can imagine
  • From crabs to shrimp, from corn to potatoes, from burgers to chicken, from soups to salads
  • Add more flavor to your menu with Old Bay Seasoning

Top reviews

queen of seasonings

truely the queen of seasonings- a favorite flavor memory from childhood
evocative of family parties after a day of crabbing on the ‘bay’ in maryland after all these years brings you right back into mom’s kitchen!
JerleneBassett, VA

Best Spice in the World!

I have used this spice in the past and will continue to use it till I die. I use it on just about everything; salads, chicken, steak, pork, eggs, and especially seafood. I purchased a 3 pack 24oz containers for a lot cheaper than anywhere in town or on the east coast. What a deal!!
NorineHanover, CT