Old Fashion Chocolate Fudge: 6LB Case

Old Fashion Chocolate Fudge

Quick facts

  • Bulk Candy
  • Great Taste
  • Fresh
  • Candy requires expedited shipping.

Top reviews

A lot of fudge!

I first ordered a pound from another vendor, but it just didn’t last. This 6 lb. fudge brick is sure lasting a long time! I even have to share it with my 2 kids. I store it in the fridge and it keeps just fine. It is sweet, fresh and fudgy. This might be a little more than you need, but a pound is just not enough.

Imagine my shock when I opened the box after it arrived and found…a whole case of peppered gravy packets! The warehouse screwed up and sent my 6 lbs. of fudge to Iowa and I got someone in Iowa’s case of gravy mix. So I had to wait to receive my fudge. But I finally did.

It’s yummy. No nuts.

CrisYoungwood, PA