Old Fashioned Candy Sticks [80CT Box], Blueberry

Delicious hard candy sticks individually wrapped in cellophane! DISCLAIMER: Due to circumstances outside our control in the delivery process, we cannot guarantee that all sticks will arrive unbroken. The shipping process will most likely cause some sticks to break. We do our utmost to package these to prevent breakage, but we will not be held responsible for any broken sticks.

Quick facts

  • Delicious hard candy sticks individually wrapped in cellophane!
  • Great for wedding favors
  • Each candy stick is approximately 5 inches long.
  • Great for candy buffets
  • Great for party favors

Top reviews

WAY overpriced!

With shipping, these come to more than 28 cents a piece. At Cracker Barrel, they are less than 13 cents a piece (8 for a dollar). Eighty sticks would be $10 (and no high shipping cost). At Cracker Barrel, you don’t have to worry about broken candy and they are always fresh. Cracker Barrel is where I’ll be getting mine for the candy buffet for my daughter’s wedding!!!
SusieBagdad, FL

Watse of Money and a Deceiving seller

The candy canes WERE NOT the same as shown – I only got a box of 80 but ALL 1 FLAVOUR.


Don’t waste your money or your time with this seller.

MarianHoschton, GA

Good Halloween candy

You need to be careful of the source as the quality depends a lot on the shipper. I usually order these by the mini-case. Shippers will not guaratee against breakage if you order single boxes. Mini-cases usually have special packing (I order from Bulk Foods and have never had trouble with breakage). The better shippers will also ship with blue ice packs for an added charge (the blue ice packs can be reused). Prices vary depending on the source. Ordering by the mini-case, you can usually get a discounted price and free shipping, but you have to check around among the sources.

The candy sticks themselves are the best variety that I have found. The individual wrappers are all marked with the flavors. Flavors are comparable with candy sticks from other manufacturers. You can order specific flavors (orange, bubble gum, cotton candy, etc., depending on the source). Orange is a good color for Halloween, or you can order red (cherry) and green (lime) for Christmas colors, or possibly the barber pole peppermint sticks.

A mini-case may sound like a lot, but friends can combine orders. Personally, I had about 400 trick or treaters last Halloween, and two sticks per child gives them a little variety and makes a good treat. I ordered a mini-case of 12 boxes, gave one box to a merchant friend for her store, and had a few left for Christmas (they are colorful and can be used in stockings, gift bags, or added as ornaments to wrappings).

CristiDanielsville, GA

Not a sweet deal

I ordered the 80 count box of tutti frutti sticks. Out of 80 sticks 65 were broken. I needed the sticks for a school craft project and used the broken ones. I would not order them again.
ChristinaEaton, IN


Extremely disappointed in the lack of quality for this product. I ordered two boxes, to be used at a wedding for a candy buffet, and BOTH boxes arrived with every single candy stick broken in multiple places. Out of 160 sticks (total), not ONE was unbroken. It is beyond me how a company can ship fragile merchandise so carelessly. Very very disappointed.
AyeshaWatson, LA

Candy sticks were broken

Purchased the 80 count tutti frutti candy sticks for my wedding buffet..at least 60 were broken. Not happy and will have to purchase from somewhere else. Wasted my money & just going to throw these away..
MadeleineAlgona, IA

These were the hit at the wedding!

My wife and I decided to have a candy bar/table at our wedding. Something to keep the kids busy and happy. These were the hit of the selection we had available.
RoselineHurley, MS

Bad Purchase

Out of 2 boxes (160) candy sticks, 105 were broken on arrival. After an email I was told new boxes would be shipped. They never came so I emailed again. This was a monday, my wedding was on saturday. I was assured I would have new ones before the wedding for my candy buffet. The new box (60) arrived the Monday AFTER my wedding. This box only had 25 broken. Customer service was nice for trying to help, however for the price I paid I thought it could have been better~!!
EsperanzaStafford, OH

Buyer beware on taste and shipping

I got a variety of flavors, but for the amount of shipping charged, they could have been better packaged. In addition some of the flavors were great, like root beer, others vile, like the chemical-tasting watermelon.
In hot humid weather it is also really hard to get them out of the wrapper. You can put them in the fridge for a while, but unless you are working on craft or cookery projects or run a store, don’t buy in bulk in warmer months or if you live in warmer climates.
NikkiWest Monroe, LA

never again.!!

i order these for my baby shower and unfortunately i had to buy it again from another store because out of 80 sticks only 23 came out nice and unbroken. had to pay double the price it sucks.!! never again.
OttoJonesville, MI