Old Wessex Ltd. All-Natural Creamy Oat Bran Breakfast Cereal, 18.5-Ounce Canisters

A creamy natural oat bran cereal with 7 grams of Fiber. Cooks in only 1 minute – just add hot water and stir. Great with frozen or Fresh Blueberries. Finally a breakfast you can feel good about from the inside out.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 18.5-ounce canister (total of 222 ounces)
  • Cholesterol free
  • No salt, sugar and preservatives
  • 6 grams of fiber per serving
  • All natural; Cooks in 2 minutes

Top reviews

Fine Nutrition, Outstanding Price, The Best Service

This was a wonderful find. My wife absolutely loves this particular cereal brand, and the price was far below that found in a retail grocery store. A minor glitch was encountered when the package arrived. Several of the containers in the box had been broken and the product spilled. I immediately called customer service, and to my great surprise, instead of merely replacing the broken containers, Amazon replaced the entire order, and I didn’t even ask them to do that. I would have been perfectly happy with the former. I’ve been dealing with Amazon for many years, and have come to expect great service, but this most recent experience clearly far exceeded my expectations. In my opinion, you simply have to search far and wide to find this caliber of seller. Amazon ranks among the top 3 or 4 of my absolute favorite sites at which to shop. I strongly recommend them for their broad product availability, their extremely competitive prices, their fast shipping, and their superior customer service.
JuanaArtesia, CA

great product – poor packaging

We love this brand of oat bran, we also eat a lot of it. Our local stores offers this for a highly inflated price, and half the time it is not available. I decided to see if Amazon offers it, and I was excited that not only did they offer it, but they also have a descent price when calculating per item. Unfortunately, the way it is shipped, occasionally a tub or two gets opened in shipping. This has happened to me twice now. I don’t like to eat contaminated food, so I throw away the opened tubs. The first time this happened, Amazon provided amazing customer service to fix the problem, so I bought again through Amazon. The second time it happened, I did the math, and decided I am still saving enough money even with one tub less. I’m sure Amazon would honor the problem again, though I would rather they would just fix the packaging instead.
DeannFlora, IL

Great breakfast food! We love it.

Very good healthy way to start the morning. We’ve been eating it for years and enjoy it with fruit.
LymanJackson Center, PA

Great for eating AND baking

This is the best oat bran hot cereal you will find. And, it is also an amazing bran for baking. Try the bran muffin recipe on the box – low fat, low cholesteral, moist and the best bran muffin recipe I have found yet.
LawannaReading, VT


This is great cooked in the stovetop with 1% lowfat milk, a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top and some fresh raspberries and blueberries.
StefanMay, ID


I purchased this originally at Whole Foods. I make it on the stove top with rice milk instead of water. It cooks up quickly and tastes amazing. My whole family, including my picky 9 year old loves it.
LibradaWhitefield, ME

This product is very good

I really like hot oat bran cereal in the morning and this brand is one of only a couple that I like. It comes in a big 18.5-oz. canister–a money saver. It is also 100% oat bran with no fillers. Easily prepared in the microwave. Recommend it over Cheerios and oatmeal in reducing my cholesterol level. Can also bake delicious oat bran muffins with it.
SydneyConfluence, PA

Great price, I use it everyday!

This was a great price.
I use this every night for a snack before bed.
I saved buying it on Amazon.
NicholGreentown, IN

Great product

The product is really great! My whole family is hooked on it now. I originally bought this product at Whole Foods but they stopped carrying it. I could not find it in any local retail stores either.

The only issue I have with having it shipped is that both shipments arrived with at least one damaged cannister. I guess other, heavier packages damage it easily.

AllieEast Glacier Park, MT

Good, hearty oats

Great product. High inn protein & taste great (as great as oat bran can taste). Just watch the expiration date if buying in bulk.
BarbarMarathon, OH

Cats love it too

I sprinkle this right out of the container on my cats’ food, and they love it. Sometimes when they’re not that hungry they just eat the bran off the top and come back later to eat the cat food. They’re seniors and healthy as can be too. Highly recommended! MEOW
JoellaFriendship, ME

Fabulous Cereal

love Old Wessex products and being a huge fitness, bodybuilder, nutrition and health person I love how healthy and great their products are for you! My brother got me into your products and I will never stop eating this delicious wholesome good for you products that you make! Keep up the fabulous work Old Wessex! I love the smooth creamy taste of the oat bran when its cooked mixed with water and plain or with a scoop of natural peanut butter. a lil sugar free maple syrup or pure natural honey goes well in it and so does raisins and fresh fruits! Splenda goes great in her too!
TandraMillbrae, CA