Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Bites, 7-Ounce Pouches

When you want smoky flavor packed into every perfect bite, grab a bag of Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Bites. Smoked naturally over hardwood fires, we use high quality meats and spices for a protein-packed snack you’ll crave.

Quick facts

  • Easy to grab and go, resealable packaging
  • Gluten Free
  • Ready to Eat
  • No MSG Added
  • Resealable Pack

Top reviews

NOT gluten-free

These contain MSG, which creates a reaction in many gluten-sensitive individuals.

Ingredients: Pork and Beef Pepperoni, (Pork and Beef, Salt, Corn Syrup Solids, Spices, Dextrose, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium Erythorbate (made from sugar), Garlic Powder, Oleoresin of Paprika, Sodium Nitrate), Salt, Corn Syrup Solids, Spices, Dextrose, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium Erythorbate (made from sugar), Garlic Powder, Oleoresin of Paprika, Sodium Nitrate, BHA, BHT, Citric Acid.

Amazon.com should have a clear policy to label all food items sold here with a full ingredient list.

MyongPequot Lakes, MN

Snack bites are good, but

I’m not sure I like pepperoni in the bites size. My dogs love them!!! They sure smell better than the pupperoni dog treats!! I think I prefer slices of pepperoni.
OttoKirkville, NY

Great Buy

My husband loves this stuff and it isn’t always at the grocery store. So I was thrilled to find it on amazon and for such a great price. I usually pay around $7.00/bag for this so this was a considerable savings. I will definately buy again.
MarindaMcbrides, MI

turkey bites

I love these bites & can not get them where I live in Wyoming. Great to know that once a month I’ll get a new supply
RheaSwanton, MD

Awesome Snacks!

These Turkey Snack Bites taste great, just enough spicy to give it a light kick. My only warning is that it’s hard to NOT eat the whole bag!
AlbaMarion, PA


I unpacked the box of Old Wisconsin turkey snack bite sausage pieces and put the separate packages on my pantry shelf and kept one out to open and my mouth was watering. After the first package was consumed I took another package of them out of the pantry and started in on it. Wasn’t too much later in the following week I noticed a pretty unpleasant smell in the pantry. I thought for sure a rodent had got trapped somehow and probably died and was slowly rotting somewhere I could not see nor could I find anything of the sort. The smell lasted and I scratched my head and wondered if the dead thing would eventually just dry up. Pretty soon my whole place smelled like the county landfill on a busy day. Well, it wasn’t too long I went to grab another bag of the turkey sausage and gosh I found out the hard way where the small was emanating from all this time. The bag of sausage I had just picked up was all rotted inside and it was totally putrid. It was totally disgusting and it made my stomach feel a tad queasy. I took the bag out and placed it in my garbage can and now I just can’t wait till the City of Oswego KS comes and empties that can at the landfill. I have had my fill of this stuff! I doubt I will ever buy sausages from this company again!
EleniAmston, CT

In the search for affordable turkey jerky, this was dissapointing

Wisconsin Turkey Snack bites, I’m sorry for the low rating

I was pretty disappointed. It might taste good to some, but not me. I’ve so far had one other brand on amazon, and a few brands in store, and I disliked this one.

The snack bites have a few problems.

1) They’re fairly watery. Not only do they look more “reconstituted” than other brands, but their water content seems higher.

2) they’re lacking flavor.

I try to solve problem one and two, by cutting them in half, dosing them in some hotsauce pepper mix, and drying them in the sun [and once in the oven]. This is rather time consuming, sort of. But even then, the oil/protein ratio is higher (meaning more oil) it seems than other turkey snacks. Which is lame.

So, I’ll keep looking for good turkey jerky on amazon [which is basically anywhere, since beef is the game in most stores], any suggestions in the comments I’d appreciate. Preferably at a reasonable cost.

P.S, of humerus note, I noticed one of the suggested tags are “Hip Hop”. Funny.

UPDATE: I got a comment that pointed out how this is not turkey jerky, but rather turkey sausage. This invalidates much of my review. I dont remember why I originally expected it to be more like turkey jerky. That said, they still were not tasty..

NecoleMorrison, MO

Mechanically separated turkey

I bought these because I started following the paleo lifestyle and have been trying lots of different grain free snacks. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this product contains mechanically separated turkey. Also known as pink slime. Yuck! I wish they would have posted the actual ingredients. They taste alright, but I will not be buying them again after these are gone.
GeraldReno, PA

GREAT Product – But DON’T order in hot weather!

Awesome snack, healthy and despite previous negative reviews these ARE gluten free and contain NO msg. The product itself gets a 5 star review from me and my family. HOWEVER, I have ordered these many times from Amazon and will never order them again in summer months or warm weather. Even though they don’t require refrigeration until after you open the package, my July shipment was mostly ruined from the heat. I watched for delivery and picked them up within 2 hours of delivery at my mailbox but they had a smooshy and gross texture, a texture that remained even after refrigeration. Alot of dog treats in this shipment, but I’ll know for next time. I still gave them five stars because the snacks are great when kept in normal temperatures.
OdellQuincy, IN

Great diet food

The Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Bites are healthy and delicious. They can be part of a great dieter’s lunch. Good value for the price, also.
PatriciaKings Mountain, KY

Pantry staple

I started ordering the turkey snack bites when searching for a no carb snack with a high protein ratio and these fit the bill.
Using subscribe and save I get a shipment once a month and pay under $3 a bag. They are perfectly shelf stable, but I prefer
to have them refrigerated prior to eating. The spice level is perfect for me and my six year old loves them as well. For snack
time we often will have these along with some cheese. This was also a go to snack for me while pregnant, a protein boost
with flavor, but not heavy on grease and spice that would cause indigestion.

6 bites
80 calories
7 grams protein
no sugars/carbs

BrittanyMoore Haven, FL

I really enjoy these as a low carbohydrate snack or as a Hors d’oeuvre.

Old Wisconsin Beef Sausage

I really enjoy these as a low carbohydrate snack or as a Hors d’oeuvre. As an Hors d’oeuvre you might want to cut each stick into 4 or 5 pieces. I’ll bet they would be good with a cheese dip.

AnneBaxter, TN


First time I ordered these they were great.

Second time around, not so much…
Ordered on 10/14/10…
Arrived on 10/18/10…
Expiration date of 03/16/11…
Unopened, air-tight package… gross, moldy, and rotting inside on 11/01/10.

Won’t be going back for thirds.

EthanCourtenay, ND

Healthy snack….ignore the negative review

I love these because they are no carb, and lower in saturated fat than the beef snacks. They are just spicy enough for me, and do not leave a greasy aftertaste. By using “subscribe and save”, these cost me the same as at Kroger’s, but are more convenient. Please ignore the negative review…it is not even for these TURKEY snacks. This product makes being diabetic a little easier.
AikoThorpe, WV

Review by A Brown was not even for this product

The “Turkey” snack sticks are very good.
I do not normally like meat sticks.
I was surprised to find that I liked these.
Listed Ingredients does not list MSG and states the casing is gluten free.
KristiJay Em, WY

Actually Good!

I added it sliced into sauteed veggies and onions. Made a delcious appetizer – no real cooking and great lunch and dinner for myself.
SadeNehawka, NE

Turkey, Turkey Everywhere

My turkey sauage bites arrived before time and in great condition.But, because of the bad reviews, I opened all 6 packages to check them out–perfect. Now, what to do with 6-8oz packes of sauage! I put a covered dish by my computer and another by my viewing chair. I made a variety of flavors out of the rest in 4oz wide mouth ball jars—one with bay leave and heated pickle juice; whole peppercorns and hot peppers; mixed with sundried tomatoes packed in grapeseed oil and capers; slice some to go on pizzas, salads, popcorn and made a great spicy dip with garlic and red onions. Can’t wait for my next shipment!!
TrudyEphrata, WA

Refrigerate after opening!

Although the package says to refrigerate after opening, I didn’t notice this, and my first package started to get moldy. My second, in the fridge, lasted a long while. Good for on the go, in soups, and even salads.
SelmaMeadow Bridge, WV

Great price for a great product

I have purchased this item locally for almost double the cost. The quality of the product and the packaging was excellent
AmparoHoughton, NY


The perfect low carb snack with just the right amount of crunch and spice. I really like these little meaty pieces.
I keep mine in the freezer and just take a package out when needed, so have never had to worry about the mold that some pple talk about. I find they keep for a long time once opened as long as I keep them in the fridge.
They are just yummy
MeridethAustell, GA

Old Wisconsin Turkey Bites

I started a high protien diet and started buying these as snacks whenever I got hungry… now I am addicted to them. Very tasty and a pleasing texture when you bite into them. These are helping, because I’ve lost 20 lbs since starting my protien diet. Will continue to make these part of our normal snack regiment.
RosendoTelephone, TX

Great Taste, Low Fat

We got the Turkey and we really like it. There are only 1.5 grams of saturated fat in 6 bite size pieces and zero trans fat, less than 1 carb plus 7 grams of protein.
Refrigerate after opening, makes a good low carb snack, I take with me on mountain bike rides for protein.

The taste is mild with no strong aftertaste, I wish the expiration dates were further out however. We ordered in January and received the product in January with an expiration date of August. We order no more than we will use in about 6 or 7 months.

Altogether the turkey is a good product and handy snack. I would give 5 stars if the shelf life expiration dates were a bit further out.

MaryamGeorgetown, IL


My first experience with this brand, and I cut my gum on a small bone that was inside of one of the snacks. I have had many beef stick products, and never found a bone inside. If you buy from this company, dont bite too hard the first few chews?
CiaraHuntington Station, NY

Tasty, Shelf-Stable Snacks

My family and I really like these snacks. Yes, they are processed food and not the healthiest thing to eat, but they are a good quick snack that tastes good and is a bit healthier than the beef and/or pork options out there. I like the fact that they are shelf stable, so we can grab a bag to take with us in case we don’t have any other food options (travelling, etc.), and that is the main reason we buy them.

We have noticed that these are packaged under a few different brand names, but I can’t always find them locally. The price here on Amazon is competitive with our local retailers, so we buy these here when we run out and cannot find them elsewhere.

LatishaHutto, TX

Great at first, but HUGE mold problem.

Sure, they tasted great at first, and I was happy to order my kids a healthy meat snack without all those artifical cancer causing ingredients. Problem is, that after a short period of time (way before the expiration date), half the packages molded disgustingly inside. We have a completely air conditioned house, they were stored in a cool pantry that is mostly kept dark. Reading the other reviews, I know I am not the only one with this problem. Something is wrong with the packaging process, or the cooking process, but these rot fast UNOPENED. Don’t bother with this, find another product and don’t waste your money =/
BrittaneyLyndhurst, VA

yami 🙂 .

I’m working out, so I bought it for extra lean protein intake. Like it so far. Tastes great. I would definitely recommend to others.
CarriShelley, ID

Ordered beef bites, got these

I am sorry, I found the taste of these unpalatable. They were too spicy for me. I was also upset that I got turkey instead of the beef that I ordered.
MarianneNescopeck, PA

Love these

These are a great meaty snack to keep at your desk. They’ve got a great smoky flavor and a velvety texture, and the casing has just the right amount of pop. They also stay delicious at room temperature for… well for as long as you can resist eating them, which for me is only a few weeks even for the humongo package I always order.

If there’s any negative at all for this product, it’s that you absolutely do not want to keep a bag in your car during the California summer. That was kind of scary.

So keep it indoors, and enjoy!

ValenciaCrandon, WI

Awesome, High Protein Snack!

They taste great…low calorie. My co workers are also addicted now, too. Highly recommended if you like jerky, and want to switch it up. My trainer recommended these as a snack between meals. Low carb, and filling!
JackelynTioga, ND

Delicious, bite sized treats!

I originally bought these to give my dogs as a nightly treat. When they arrived, I popped one in my mouth to see what they were like, and WOW, it was like this taste explosion of grease and flavor. YUM. These are EXACTLY how pepperoni should taste. Firm skin, softer inside, with that little squirt of grease. My husband then tasted it and he completely agreed. Out of the six packages, he took five and I was left with one for the dogs.

As human treats, these are fantastic. But as dog treats, not so much. Each package is 8 ounces, which is a LOT of pepperoni. I opened the packages, put it into an OXO pop container (air tight), and within 2-3 days of being inside the container, it started to form white, fluffy mold. Gross. I threw it out and figured it was a coincidence. I ordered some more, and did the same with a new package. Same thing happened – mold. If you are planning to eat these, it seems the quicker you consume these, the better.

With how delicious they are, it shouldn’t be tough! Our entire family loves these!

WalkerLittle Falls, NY