Old Wisconsin Original Summer Sausage, 20-Ounce Packages

Don’t let the name fool you, Old Wisconsin Original Summer Sausage is delicious all year long. Carefully smoked and made with the finest ingredients, our sausage makes a great snack or addition to many of your favorite recipes!

Quick facts

  • Pack of 3, 20 ounce sausages
  • Superior quality
  • All meat–no binders, fillers, or extenders
  • No MSG added and Gluten Free
  • High in Protein

Top reviews

Move over Figis

For the last 15+ years, Figis.com has provided our family with what I’ve always thought was the best summer sausage available today.

This Christmas, I was given a 20 ounce package of Old Wisconsin Original Summer Garlic Sausage. Without even opening it, I already made up my mind that if it’s not a Figis product, it won’t measure up.

Boy was I wrong! I can’t believe the quality of this summer sausage. The taste is one that cannot be described, you’ll just have to try it yourself.

Off to order more…

HelaineDalton City, IL

Really wanted to like this, but sadly disappointed.

I have a regular monthly subscription to another brand of summer sausage available on Amazon. It’s very popular with friends and family for snacking, and when the regular brand wasn’t available, I purchased this one for a temporary replacement. I read through the reviews and felt this would do the trick until the regular stuff was available again.

Unfortunately, the only thing the two seem to have in common is general shape and color. While the flavor isn’t unpleasant, the texture leaves a lot to be desired. It’s both fibrous and greasy, with globs/pockets of fat and strings of what I can only imagine to be muscle or gristle of some kind. They’re like white threads, and the mouthfeel of the sliced product is very unappetizing.

In reading through the reviews again, I saw one where the reviewer mentioned this summer sausage had potential when heated/cooked, so I sliced it thinly and tried both panfrying and microwaving it. This does improve the texture and allows the extra fat to render out (if you’re microwaving, be sure to sit the pieces on top of paper towels, and don’t let it go too long without checking … LOTS of fat drains out of the meat!). After it’s been heated/cooked, the product can be enjoyed for its flavor without the unpleasant texture.

If our regular choice becomes unavailable again at some point, we’ll just do without or look for something in a local grocery store. We won’t be purchasing this product again.

ClarissaFlushing, MI

Tastes More Like Kielbasa

I’m so disappointed. I purchased this thinking it was going to taste like the summer sausage I had while living in the midwest…but this tastes more like kielbasa than summer sausage..won’t be repurchasing.
HeribertoOak Island, NC


AnnamarieAdolphus, KY

The perfect summer sausage

I finally found the summer sausage that my 7 year old son loves. He’s a very picky eater, but he loves the Old Wisconsin Summer Sausage. Very good price for a package of 3 with 20-ounce each. And it’s something good to store for our emergency food supply box.
LavoniaHamilton City, CA

Great item to send to our Troops

If you’re one of the countless ” Support our Troops” people who is sending food to service people in Iraq or Afghanistan – this is a great item. It travels well and they don’t see anything nearly this tasty in the MRE’s. Good protein, they are trying to eat healthy. I reorder this often
EfrenBrea, CA

Very Fatty With Bone Chips

The flavoring in this was just not very good but tolerable. I ordered the 3 pack from Amazon so we had three to get through. We were really put off that it seemed like each slice we had was half fat. We ended up cooking it off before we ate it. There just is no excuse for it to be so full of grease. Also we were very turned off in the fact that we would occasionally hit a bone chip and one got stuck between two of my teeth and I thought there was a dental trip in my future but I was able to work it out.
We gave up on it and I would say they are careless in what they grind in the sausage. I really wanted to like this sausage but just couldn’t get around all the issues with it. We will be going back to our old brand which is a little more expensive but I guess with sausage you get what you pay for.
TrinhWalhonding, OH

really good summer sausage

After the holidays it is very hare do get summer sausage. Got this and has been enjoyed by all…saving the last one to watch the Saints win the super bowl.
LonHensel, ND

Smoky, Tasty, Bacony

I mean to give this product four stars, though the interface is giving me a little trouble. I’m very fond of it. I can’t have bacon in my household, and this sausage, while not replicating the texture of bacon, does suggest that smoky savory flavor when sliced thin and fried or microwaved to crispness, far better than that nasty turkey bacon does. Also, it’s tasty in its own right.
GarrettWorden, MT

Excellent Quality and Taste

This is my favorite sausage. All other brands seem to fatty to me or poorly spiced. Since its not available in stores in my region, I’ve bribed friends to send it to me from home. I am thrilled to find it available on the web.
ErvinTescott, KS

A Good Shelf Stable Product

For summer sausage that doesn’t have to be refridgerated, this is a good choice. The rolls tend to be a little on the fatty side and the salt content is hard to miss, but the overall flavor is good and in a sandwhich or paired with cheese or crackers, it makes a good snack or meal.
ThomasineKendall Park, NJ

Not Really That Great….

This summer sausage was not that great. Had a very “tangy” taste, with very little other flavor. If it were not for the price, this would have been returned. My dog enjoys it.
For real summer sausage I’ll stick with the small, specialty companies. Try Woody’s Smokehouse or try the venison summer sausage from the Vermont Country Store. Heck, even Hickory Farms is better.
DanielClubb, MO

Best taste ever

I bought several of these as Christmas gifts. They were outstanding in taste and leaness of the product. Sometimes summer sausage can leave a very oily residue on your tongue as you eat it. This product does not do that and is one of the best I have ever eaten. They easily excel over Hickory Farms Beef stick which is a good product in my estimation.
MaryellenGoddard, KS

Not worth the price

Very moist, not bad, but not worth the price. I was unsatisfied with my purchase. Worth maybe twelve dollars. I cancelled my subscription.
NadineSilver Plume, CO

Best Summer Sausage

Tried various brands, and this is the best for flavor and seasoning and consistancy. My three year old grandson loves it, causing me to buy a double order monthly. Highly recommend. Do the monthly plan for delivery savings.
CindyMagnetic Springs, OH

This stuff is barely edible

This sausage is way too soft and way oversalted. It feels and tastes like an extremely low-quality product, which is exactly what it is. I am definitely one-time customer for this concoction, good luck to all those who enjoy this junk. Back to Hillshire Farms for me, there is simply no contest between the two.
TamarWaters, MI

Very Delicious

Easily one of the best summer sausages i have ever tasted. I personally like the beef version of old wisconsin summer sausage because i think it taste better than the others when broiled. The original flavor is also good, and i would say that one is the best if you’re just going to slice and eat with no broiling. I havent tried the Garlic one yet but im sure i would love it as well. This summer sausage easily gets 5 stars from me.
LonnieMontello, WI

Delicious but salty

OK, summer sausage is always salty but to me, this one is particularly salty. Not excessive mind you, but salt taste is strong. Pepper but not a strong kick if that means anything to you. I am no summer sausage expert but this one is pretty good and definitely affordable.
DorseyBig Pool, MD

Great price if you love summer sausage

If you love summer sausage and are looking for it other than during the holidays. This is a great price and tastes really good too.
NikitaNew Canaan, CT

Old Wisconsin Summer Sausage

DELICOUS! It’s exactly the taste I have been looking for in a summer sausage. Price is reasonable too as compared to other branded summer sausages.
AraJava Village, NY

tastes better when cold

as others have mentioned, the texture is a bit mushy/moist at room temperature. after letting it sit in the fridge (which i do before opening), i find the taste and texture more appealing. i mostly snack on products such as this rather than cookies, etc.
CortezWaukena, CA

Bad sausage

We thought this was the sausage cabellas sold during the holidays, but there was nothing merry about my purchase. It made my wife and oldest son sick to there stomachs and throw up. We had to throw out the rest.
TrentonLucas, KY

Delicious summer sausage!

This is the best summer sausage I’ve had. The fact that it’s gluten-free is a huge plus otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat it. Just a small piece is good for a snack but it really stands out when cut up into little pieces and sauteed with some onions and boiled cauliflower. That way you get a very tasty, high protein, low carb meal which will sustain you for a long time. We ordered this for our camping trip but ate all of the 3 sausages already ha..ha…so good, now I need to place another order.
HarrietOlivehurst, CA

Good choice

This is a reasonable price for mail order meat. The taste is pretty mild (maybe a little too mild)and the texture is consistent with summer sausage which is a cooked product, not a dry cured product like salami.
NanciTavernier, FL

Better than Hickory Farms

I ordered my Beef Summer Sausage from Old Wisconsin because my previously favorite Hickory Farms website only sold their stuff in packages and charged $9.99 for shipping making my order of two small sausages come to $30! I had previously ordered the pickled eggs from Old Wisconsin and I knew their products were of the highest quality; so I tried their sausage and now I like it even better than Hickory Farms version. The most important thing to note was that it has the same flavor and taste as what I was used to at Hickory Farms but it tasted fresher and better. I’m not into new flavors and changing the basics of this sausage and I was actually surprised that I liked it better. I’ve tried many other brands and just threw them away after the first bite. To top is off, they sent me three 1 lb packages for $20 and on Amazon the shipping was free. So I ended up with one extra beef sausage for $10 less and it tastes even better (although the same in many ways).
CorinneVermilion, OH


Nice texture, wonderful taste! My other half isn’t a garlic lover and he wasn’t offended by the amount of garlic in the product. Much cheaper and a better product than those big companies. Highly reommed this; I like it so much I have it on scheduled delivery.
VincentLake Harbor, FL

Delicious ! Good Value !

I wholly recommend it. I can eat one for a few days, with some crackers, Its really good stuff. Its spiced just right and the best value for the price.
JonnieGlenvil, NE

Get the non-plastic wrap version if possible – dries nice & hard like German salami

Delicious salami/summer sausage, BUT this packaging version requires refrigeration after exposing to air/opening. They sell same sausage in delicatessens, giftshops and probably direct, with a NON-plastic wrap and STRING so you can HANG it and let it HARDEN as long as you like. I let it get very hard and crunchy, like the great sausages I buy when in Germany. Great price here as 3-pack though.
ArethaBynum, NC

Wisconsin Summer Sausage

This summer sausage is awesome, fantastic flavor with perfect cutting consistency to go along with their cheese! What a value for three large sausages, plus fast shipping, would make a great gift for some lucky guy!
LeonelFairhope, PA

Great product

Old Wisconsin Beef Stick is a terrific product at a very reasonable price. I used to buy Hickory Farms brand, but this is every bit as good and costs a great deal less. I recently signed up for the subscription offer, which lowers the cost substantially.
SilasPort Orange, FL