Olde Thompson Mediterranean Sea Salt, 4.5-Ounce Grinders

Our Mediterranean Sea Salt brings out all the flavor of your favorite meats, soups, salads and vegetables. Easy to use Disposable Spice Grinder that is fully adjustable, and grinds from coarse to fine. Spice Grinder has a freshness lid on top for storage.

Quick facts

  • Disposable
  • Sealed for Freshness
  • Filled in USA in FDA registered food processing facility

Top reviews

I plan on buying more of this salt

I like this salt with its own grinder. I use it myself and also have put it in gift baskets…just the right size for that…and who doesn’t use salt?!! Good price and good quality salt.
LorrineRoann, IN

All products of Olde Thompson.

Just love these products use in my own home. Have used as gifts to other. Plus make sure little brother has fresh ground pepper when older sister comes to visit.
LakeeshaWellington, NV