Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml Bottle

In Italy, Carli Olive Oil has always only been sold direct from the factory to the consumer. A fleet of over 100 trucks assures prompt direct delivery to more than 700,000 families, over 120,000, of which have been loyal customers for two or more generations. Why are Italians so religious about their Olio Carli? For one, no oil from pomace or any source other than fresh ripe olives is ever used in the production of Carli Olive Oil. Secondly, although the strictest legislation allows a maximum acidity of 1% in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the maximum acidity allowed by Carli in its olive oil is 0.3%. Olio Carli has been honored frequently at national and international expositions. Embossed on the label of these fine oils, you can read the following distinctions: 1927 By Appointment to the Papacy 1937 By Appointment to the Royal Household

Quick facts

  • By Appointment to the Papacy – 1927
  • By Appointment to the Royal Household – 1937
  • Only 0.3% acidity
  • Perfect for small kitchens
  • Imported from Italy

Top reviews

carli olive oil from liguria

liguria, italy has the best climate in the region for olive oil. The carli family has generations of experience and is a very well respected maker in italy for their olio. Their olive oil is sold through out italy. We are very fortunate to have this product here in america..
LeannSizerock, KY