OliveNation Australian Crystalized Ginger 1 lb.


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My husband got these because he read that it would help his back pain. I tried one and if that’s all I had to eat on a desert, then I guess I’d starve. I did not like the taste and I do like many different things, but this is icky! 🙂
ElishaDesert Center, CA

Did I get a bad batch?

I adore ginger in every form. Buoyed by the glowing reviews, I ordered three pounds. Unfortunately, it was not at all as described. The first bite was bland and too sugary; the after-taste almost medicinal. I couldn’t detect any spicy ginger flavor. I tried a couple more pieces and found them thoroughly unpleasant. The store owner was great, however. I returned the two unopened bags and he/she issued a full refund. I threw the third bag away.
GalinaIdamay, WV

Crystalized Ginger

I purchased this ginger as well as ginger tea from another merchant because it’s supposed to help with muscle aches and pains. I’ve never really tasted ginger in this form before so my rating really isn’t good for much especially since I don’t like it. Although my taste may improve regarding this product. My only negative thought for those allergic or watching there weight is the fact that there is no nutritional information on the packaging. I did ask the supplier and they quickly supplied me with the information. Serving size is 7pcs with the calories being 120 per serving. This product is processed in a facility that handles nuts, wheat, milk, and soy products. Zero fat, zero Cholest. 25mg sodium, 29 carbs, 1 fiber, 28 sugar per serving.
MargetMidland, OH

Crystalized Ginger is better than candy!

The crystalized ginger was wonderful! Ginger helps with digestion and this product is perfect. Fast shipping and no problems. Would by from again. Thanks so much
VallieMooreville, MS

This is the Real Deal

Don’t know why it’s so hard buy decent crystallized ginger here in the USA but this is the real deal and passed muster by my sister-in-law who is quite discerning.
ArianaCamp Meeker, CA

Perfection! Sweet and SPICY!

I’ve been having terrible cravings for Ginger and you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find decent ‘Crystalized Ginger’ ’round these parts. The candied ginger I’ve found at the local grocery store could have been plain ol’ sugar cubes for all it’s worth. You couldn’t taste the ginger and the texture… just horrible. This ginger however is AMAZING! Great sweetness with a good balance of ‘spiciness’ thrown in. You can definately taste the ginger in these sugared goodies!

That said, I’ve recently ordered a bunch of Ginger products from a company called ‘The Ginger People’ (I’ve tried their ‘Ginger Chews’ which are available locally and they are very tasty). I’m hoping that their ginger products have even more of a kick because it’s the sweet ‘spiciness’ that I truly crave. But for the time being, it is safe to say that this is the BEST Crystallized Ginger I have had to date.

HarrySouth Salem, NY

Darn good Ginger..

Excellent product. Tender, not stringy at all. Perfect for eating just as is.

Great, true ginger flavor. Will purchase again.

TamraHillsborough, NC

Some of the best I’ve had

I’ve had some good crystalized ginger and some bad. This might be the best ever!
Uniform size pieces, no stringy un-chewable pieces thrown in to ad weight. I stored them in an airtight container and they never seemed to dry out, though they didn’t really have to long to wait till they were eaten. I”m making my second purchase now and plan to make another when I run out again.
CharlieAtlanta, KS

Very Good

Very good product for the ginger lover.
Not too sweet. Not too hot. Consistent
piece size.
I’ve come back for more.
SoilaWelch, TX

Soft & Tasty

This brand is very soft and almost melts in your mouth. Not quite as hot as the Ginger People brand, but more tender and not stringy at all. Sugar is loosely coated and some of it can be rubbed off if it’s too much.
LavernaMoses Lake, WA

delicious ginger

This Australian ginger is the best. The ginger is smooth, and the crystalized sugar is a crunchy contrast. It’s impossible to resist.
ElizebethDeerwood, MN

Not bad at all, pretty tasty in fact

This ginger candy does not have as much of a “bite” as some brands of (more expensive) ginger candy I have previously enjoyed and is a bit sweeter than I would prefer. That being said, it is a nice bag of ginger, lots of flavor, tastes very fresh. I am pleased with the price, shipping, amount and flavor so this is a keeper. I will order from this place again and get another bag of this crystallized ginger yummy-ness.
NicolasLansdale, PA

Excellent Ginger

Thai Crystalized Ginger is supposed to be the best in the world, so I am told by a food technologist. Australian is supposed to be the second best. I am not so sure that Thai Ginger would be the best after the recent tidal wave, if there is much difference at all. Those are the two premier crystalized gingers of the world

Regardless, this is about all you could ask for in great ginger. This ginger is moist and tender, unlike some dry and stringy ginger that you get elsewhere. It does indeed seem to come from tender, baby ginger shoots. My wife and I just love ginger. We love crystalized ginger as a snack, or mixed in other foods, such as cookies, cranberry sauce, salad dressings, dipping sauces, truffles, all manner of ways. It is a secret ingredient. If you have never had good crystalized ginger, you have missed a real treat.

I have only had one other crystalized ginger that I can say is better, which says a lot. This is about as good as it gets.

I have purchased other gourmet items from J&M Mushrooms in the past. This ginger has always been fresh tasting, as have all of their other specialty items. They seem to prefer to have a moree limited gourmet line, that they concentrate on and have great quality at very good prices. Suits me. If you are placing an order, you might check their other items as they are one of the few distributors of Spinosi Italian Egg Noodles (great product), and they have a great price on Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

AnikaMechanicsville, MD

Crystalized ginger

I have been buying Australian Crystalized Ginger from Sweet Energy company for a long time. Very tasty product but ridiculously expensive. I therefore decided to give the current item a try. It is a haphazard mix of good and bad pieces. But what is very curious is the texture and substance of each piece. If I could take a wild guess I would say that these pieces seem to be mashed ginger blended with sugar then compacted and molded into solid feeling coins. On the outside too there is entirely too much sugar.
All in all this product is not up to par.
GuadalupeStevens, PA

Could have been better.

This product seemed to lose some of its flavor after awhile. I used it infrequently in baking. It didn’t have as much zing that I initially expected.
GregNarberth, PA

Mildly flavored

This stuff tastes good, but it is a very mild ginger flavor compared to other brands. If you find other crystallized gingers to be too strong for you, try this. It has a lot of sugar on it too. I’m giving it 4 stars because I prefer spicier ginger. Pieces are perfectly regularly cut and even quality.
BernardineSouth Charleston, OH


I have never tasted ginger taste this good. Everyone remarked about it and wanted to know where I purchased it. On a whim, we coated it with excellent chocolate. Beyond ecstasy.
MerlinWest Columbia, WV

Just what was needed

This ginger was quite easy to cut up for The Christmas cookies, we WILL buy again next year! The flavor was also quite good.
ShontaWinchester, OR


This is very good ginger. Soft and flavorable. I only have tasted one product that was better, but am unable to get it!! I would highly recommend this. I sent some of it to a good friend who loves ginger.
SaraiLyerly, GA