OliveNation Morel Mushrooms 2 oz.

The taste of the morel makes it the most sought after funghi following only the truffle. Essence made from dried morels is rivaled only by the porcini. Morels are often paired with cream or white wine sauces and veal or chicken. They also work well with grilled meats. Dried morels provide much more intense flavor than fresh ones. The addition of the essence and the mushrooms themselves is sure to enhance any dish where they are a component.

Quick facts

  • Top quality as shown in the photograph
  • Reconstituting directions on every bag
  • Excellent flavor

Top reviews

No taste

The mushrooms I received had absolutely no flavor. It was like soaking up cream sauce with pieces of rubber. Really disappointing.
RoxanaWentworth, MO

Great to have on hand

I’ve used dried mushrooms many times over the years and these are among the best. Though expensive the morel has great flavor and is easily reconstituted. Already I’ve used them in a mushroom risotto and my favorite Fettuccine Alfredo. The 4-ounce package has a volume of about five cups of the dried morels so it easily beats what I find in the local supermarket.
MelanieBloomington, ID

Tasted GREAT!

These mushrooms were easy to reconstitute and, when used as a component in another recipe, they add an excellent flavor and texture. Before I purchased them, I noticed that one reviewer said that these mushrooms didn’t have any flavor, which caused me a little anxiety about ordering them. I believe I know why he/she might believe that is the case. The mushrooms themselves don’t have huge amounts of flavor when you pull them out of the soaking liquid. When you reconstitute them, be certain to keep the soaking liquid. DON’T DISCARD IT because that’s where most of the flavor is. I suspect that might have been what happened in the other reviewer’s case.

You can strain the liquid or run it through a coffee filter to remove grit. Then reduce the soaking liquid to add back into sauces or other morel recipes and the flavor can actually become more intense with the reconstituted mushrooms.

All in all I’m very satisfied with this purchase, even though they are very expensive.

TheaCoolidge, KS

Excellent value, and wonderful flavor

I’m extremely glad I ordered these mushrooms. The price per ounce, especially rehydrated, ends up being quite reasonable. I usually rehydrate with warm water (and make sure I use the water in the recipe for extra flavor) then add the morels to sautees, soups, and stir-frys. Really excellent product.
VirginaMoran, KS