OliveNation Whole White Peppercorns 8 oz.

Our White Peppercorns are all-natural and have never been bleached. They possess a rich, wine-like flavor, are somewhat hot and are a nice addition to soup, on grilled meats and poultry or even mixed with black peppercorns. White peppercorns are preferred for Asian as well as Southern and Eastern European recipes. They begin their life in the same manner as black ones, but remain longer on the vine. After maturation the black outer shell is removed by soaking in water. They are then dried and are ready for use.

Quick facts

  • Our White Peppercorns are all-natural and have never been bleached
  • They possess a rich, wine-like flavor, are somewhat hot and are a nice addition to soup, on grilled meats and poultry or even mixed with black peppercorns
  • White peppercorns are preferred for Asian as well as Southern and Eastern European recipes
  • seasoning
  • After maturation the black outer shell is removed by soaking in water

Top reviews

Flavorful Peppercorns

I put the peppercorns by themselves in a grinder and use just like Black Pepper. The peppercorns are extremely flavorful.The product is packaged in a plastic bag. For the price it could have come in a reusable container.
MargaritaAlcova, WY

Excellent quality white peppercorns

I was told years ago by many of the chefs at whose restaurants I dined in France and Italy that the quality of the spices in Europe is much higher because of the demand for the higher quality; as a result, we apparently do not receive the grade A spices in the US. I was impressed by the quality of the spices at Hediard, Fauchon, etc…until recently.

Many of those same chefs use either a large amount of, or exclusively, white pepper in their cooking, which was very surprising, as I had tried many sources, usually finding a fetid/fecal aroma in the background (sometimes the foreground!) of much of the product that I had purchased. I commented on this to the previous head of Spice Hunter, who said that the problem is in production. The least expensive method is the soak the peppercorns in ponds to remove the outer covering; the ponds become stagnant and the stagnant (read: fetid) aroma becomes part of the peppercorns. The more expensive method is to soak the peppercorns in running water, which overcomes that problem.

There is no comment about the production of this product, but I would be amazed if it were not the latter. The aroma is so very exciting, with floral and spicy tones, and not a hint in the least of the off-putting aromas of other sources, even such well-known sources as Penzeys. My wife and I are very delighted with this product.

AlexanderBeaver Dams, NY

Excellent quality

These peppercorns were visibly of much better quality than we’d gotten other places before, and the aroma was tantalizing before we even opened the package! They arrived fresher than I’ve ever tasted peppercorns in my life, and the seller is very professional and quick with shipment. Highly recommended!
RoyBucoda, WA

Very satisfied with this product.

Living in a very isolated area gives me few options as to where I purchase items such as these peppercorns. Of the several I have tried, the quality and freshness of these are by far the best. I use white pepper in many of the dishes I make and having good quality peppercorns is a must. I was extremely satisfied with these. As to the cost, I have found that you pretty much get what you pay for. Yes, the shipping is outrageous but it is outrageous for everything these days. You can by a used .01 cent paper back book, and still end up paying almost four dollars. The cost here is well worth the price.
StephenBrooker, FL

1lbs bag. OMG there’s so many peppercorns

I was unfamiliar on how much peppercorns I would get with a 1lbs bag. Holy cow, I have enough to last the rest of my life.

The white peppercorns I got were exactly what I was expecting. I bought a white salt grinder for the white peppercorns. Now I have three grinders, salt, black, and white peppercorns.

White pepper isn’t as spicy as black pepper. Also if you bite into a white pepper crackle it wont burn like black pepper does.

I love it on eggs. Also white peppered shrimp is amazing.

LangMount Calm, TX

White Peppercorn

I thought that the white pepercorn was such a deal. The only place in town that carried white peppercorn is Whole Food with costs 6.99 for 1.7 oz. For the price of 8.99 plus 3.99 postage you get 16 oz. It came to the house in about 3 days and works great in my peppermill. If you you a lot of white peppercorn or mix with black peppercorn it’s a great deal!
AshlyBend, TX

White Whole Peppercorns

I received my white peppercorns today. I was very happy with them. They were sealed in an airtight plastic bag. And the shipping package was secure so as not to damage the products. When I opened the bag the smell of the peppercorns was amazing. They were all whole(none broken). I can’t wait to cook with them. I use white pepper in potatoes,salads of any kind; just about anything you’d use regular pepper on. The white pepper adds a buttery taste to all foods.
TeraVanderbilt, TX

The white peppercorns…

The white peppercorns arrived as promised and are of better quality than I expected. I wish I would’ve ordered a larger bag because my husband and I use a lot of white pepper when we cook and serve meals. You bet I will be placing another order very soon, if not for white peppercorns, maybe other items as well! Thank you very much for a wonderful product and keeping your promise of high quality and service! 🙂
SharilynNashotah, WI


I ordered these white peppercorns from JR Mushrooms & Specialties via Amazon.com, and I have to say that these are the best white peppercorns I think I’ve ever had! The amount you get (one pound) for the price completely blows local specialty shops and grocery markets right out of the water! (Sorry local guys, but a rip-off is a rip-off, and frankly, JR’s peppercorns are more fresh and flavorful!) You won’t regret shopping at JR’s via Amazon. The packaging is excellent, the delivery timeline is excellent, and the product is… well, I’ve already sung those praises above! Oh, and a tip for you who order these, once the plastic bag is opened, just fill your pepper grinder(s), and put the remainder in a canning jar with a tight fitting lid, and store in a cool, dark place. They stay fresh that way!!
RonniWarrenville, SC

jr ships fast

white peppercorns are white peppercorns, so long as nothing is wrong with them. i knew when i ordered from jr that my pepper would arive fast and be good. buying a 1/2 pound of pepper will last me, and take up a little space in the spice cabnet,but it is mych cheaper than paying what the grocery charges for 1/8 pound
KermitHood, VA

Dissapointed in the package

The pepper is fine but the bag it came in is one of those that seems to disintigrate when you try to open it. The result? Pepper corns all over the floor and counter. Be careful when you open it and have a second container handy.
YiBee Spring, KY