Omaha Steaks 1


Quick facts

  • Net quantity of 24 ounces
  • Tender Beef Sirloin Strips with sliced carrots, peas, pearl onions and red roasted potatoes
  • Comes in a rich beef gravy
  • Serves 2-3 people

Top reviews


Disappointing in the amount of meat and vegetables. Guess I was hoping for a more natural sauce. The tomatoe base was not to my liking.
KinaPrinceton, WV


Outstanding gourmet taste: the blend of mushrooms, steak and sauce is tantalyzing. The orders could be divided, so that the entire order doen’t have to be defrosted at once. Possibly divide the large portion into three or four smaller ones. As it stands the order is easily microwavable.
LizethIron Ridge, WI

Beef Straganoff

January 3, 2012

I purchased the Beef Stroganoff from Omaha Steakhouse last week. It arrived in a small tray covered with plastic. I didn’t really read the instructions for preparation … just got out my trusty skillet and lid. I popped it out the container and addded just a couple teaspoons of water and let it simmer. It simmered about 15 minutes before I tasted it.. The sauce was delicious and the beef was tender. There was only one thing lacking [noodles]. There was only a tiny beef of egg noodles and alot of meat. Nonetheless, it was tasty. I give it 3 stars.

BradleyDes Moines, IA