Omaha Steaks 16 oz. pkg. Omaha Steakhouse Fries

They’re great with steaks… and so much more! Idaho russets are cut into thick, hearty wedges with the skins left on for flavor and rustic appeal. Cracked black pepper and sea salt add the perfect gourmet touch. You’ll want these oven-roasted, healthy fries with eggs and sausage, poultry, pork and seafood, too! INGREDIENTS: Potatoes, Sea Salt, Canola Oil, Black Pepper, Dextrose, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (Sapp) May Be Used As A Processing Aid To Retain Natural Color.

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  • Perfect gift for all occasions!

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Actually pretty good

These are actually pretty good little potato puffs, and best of all – no CHEESE! (unless you like that sort of thing, which we don’t so it’s nice to actually find a potato side dish with no cheese in it).

Anyways- – these are surprisingly good and they toast up nicely in the oven in like 10 minutes. worth it for $10.

HarryCassville, PA


Despite what some think there is a ton of fillers in here (see the ingredient list on the Omaha site), but…. that is not a bad thing in this case. They are not unhealthy fillers and these are very delicious. Our kids just love them. We serve one ball as a serving as that is the perfect healthy carb portion for a meal. 1 piece has the following nutrition just in case you are wondering:

Calories: 120

Fat: 4.5

Trans Fat: 0

Sodium: 270

Carbohydrate: 17

Protein: 3

For our dinners we try to keep our carb side to under 5 fat & 25 carb. This fits perfectly & the taste is superb. Baked in the oven, they come out crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. All with no grease. We now keep these on hand instead of french fries. I know they cost more, but they taste better and they are so much healthier. We wait for one of the sales and buy several boxes at a time.

CatherineTownsend, MA

The best twice baked potatoes you’ll ever have!

Perfect year round with just about any meat dish, these Omaha Steaks Twice Baked Potatoes are a gourmet delight. The consistency of the whipped potatoes is smooth and the little bits of bacon, peppers and cheese add to the explosion of flavor. They cook easily in either the conventional oven, or on the grill when wrapped in foil! Go ahead, treat yourself!
IsabelleRichland Center, WI

Over Rated (way over priced)Frozen meats

For christmas I ordered some coupons from my daughters school for $30.00 off Ohama steaks. I was excited to try them as I have been bombarded with their ads for the last 2 years and I was ready to test them out. I went on-line and looked at their packages and was so looking forward to receiving my package of fine foods and cook them. I made my choice and fell for some of the last min. add-ons, by choice. I went to pay and use the gift cards and well you can only use one at a time, having 2 for $15.00 I naturally thought I was getting $30.00 off the total. With that said I was still willing to go ahead with the order. $129.00 later I had ordered one of the package deals and the add-ons. I received my order ups in 5-7 days packaged in a styro cooler. packaged in the cooler were several cardboard boxes with vacuumed packaged tiny steaks. I am a person who loves to grill and do so about 4 nights a week, so I know a little about meat, and how to cook it. First this is not high end Dry-aged meat or wet aged this is inferior to quality meat that can be bought at a good butcher. The steaks are about $30.00 a pound after shipping and the high prices. The Hamburgers are tiny frozen pucks that are dry. I am so disappointed in the quantity and quality, I really have no words to describe how disappointed I am with this whole deal. To top everything off I received a e-mail coupon for $20.00 off my next order so the coupon that I purchased was $5.00 more than on-line deals. Wow Do yourself a favor and spend your money in a good butcher shop of grocery store!!!
AlfonzoBisbee, ND

I like these!

These are actually very tasty. Pure potatoes with a great texture and no nasty filler “stuff.” No bacon, no cheese…just tasty potatoes. They cook well in either the oven or microwave. I add a touch of either salt & pepper or fajita seasoning to spice it up. I rated 4 out of 5 stars because they could be a bit bigger portion. However, this item is a fairly good value for the money.
LorindaMarietta, OK

yum yum yum!

They are more potato crockets in the shape of a ball rather than Au Gratin, but nevertheless YUM YUM YUM!
GinnyHenriette, MN

Not like the picture

Not happy with the product. Once they were cooked the potatoes were flat and didn’t look any thing like the product picture that was seen. The shipping cost as much as the potatoes did!
BridgetteGreenbush, VA

Now this is my kind of Potato with Steak

I love to order these type of cooked potatoes and they are so great with a steak…
ArmandinaKellyton, AL


excellent – will order again!! It’s nice to be able to order Omaha items from Amazon because Amazon ships SOOO fast, and payments are so convenient.
LavonaDavis, OK

Quick, easy, taste great

We had these along with Omaha prime rib. Both were great. Two where plenty to fill up. Made them in toaster oven in less then 20 minutes.
CatriceRumson, NJ

Tasty and easy to make

I really like this product. It tasted great and only took a few minutes to make in the microwave.
MargeneWashington Island, WI

Very Good

Very good side dish, easy to make, easy to eat. As others have said, needs a little spice, but other than that they are delicious!
PazVesta, MN

Tasty, and perfect sized.

I was surprised at the size of these potatoes. I have bought them at my local grocery store before and was disappointed that they were so small. These are perfect!! Tasty, cook just right. Love ’em!!
LoreenWakefield, MA


These potatoes are good. But i don’t know if I’d get them again. The garlic taste to me was off and strong. And I LOVE garlic. Hoping I just got an “off” batch.
HuldaPettibone, ND


Excellent and tasty though I thought not enough garlic so I added more. When I order GARLIC I guess I expect more of it. But perfect if you have guests as it will never offend anyone. Omaha always is sure to do everything to please their customers, a premier company, hard to find anymore.
RosamariaSpruce Creek, PA


I received 4 of these in my first ever Omaha Steaks order that I received today. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but so far, I’ve been pleased. I tore the plastic open, put the frozen potato on a baking sheet in the oven and put it on 350. 45 minutes later it was done and turned out being delicious. The cheese filling was crispy on-top and the potato itself underneath was nice and soft. No way would they come out as good if put in the microwave, so I’d say oven cooking these is definitely the way to go. Now, you can obviously make your own stuffed baked potatoes for far cheaper then what Omaha charges for these alone, but as long as you get a good deal on the Omaha website, these simply make a great addition to any Omaha steaks order. As delicious are they are though, I wouldn’t order a box of JUST these off the site due to the added shipping costs. But like I said, as long as they’re part of a nicely priced packaged deal, I’ll definitely take them. Actually, I probably wouldn’t order any packaged deal in the future from Omaha that didn’t include these. A big plus, at least for me, is if you check the ingredients list on these, there’s no partially hydrogenated oils, so there’s no traces of trans fats, which is very rare with stuffed baked potatoes. Also no high fructose corn syrup, which is another rarity on a food product like this and is always a plus. If you make your own or buy them frozen from your grocery store for example, chances are, the butter used, sour cream, etc. will be full of chemicals, trans fats & high fructose corn syrup. These, not so much. So there is a definite degree of quality with Omahas stuffed baked potatoes. Each potato does have 8 grams of saturated fat, which is 42% the DRV, but that’s obviously to be expected with anything that contains bacon, cheese and sour cream. I was also expecting there to be no fiber, but it turns out there’s 3grams of fiber per baked potato half. Another plus. Overall, the stuffed baked potato was very tasty and actually relatively healthy, being made with quality ingredients.
LuciusLeavenworth, KS

so good!

These potatoes are really very good. My husband and I both *love* them. And way too easy. We will be buying more of these.
JohnnieMiquon, PA

These are the best hash browns!!!!!!!!!!

I got these in the mail today, i know right, sounds so weird to say i got hash browns in the mail, haha. Come in dry ice cooler and were in box all in their own lil plastic bags. Just stick them on a baking sheet for 35 min. at 400 degrees. when you get them out of the oven you smell the cheese and it has nice crunchy outside with creamy potato inside, if you want the best side dish to your steak or other meat, hey could even use for breakfast with some eggs and sausage, your choice, this get a 5/5 for taste, 5/5 for presentation, buy these now, great price too, thanks for your time, and thank you omaha steaks, the best at great prices.
MohammadFritch, TX

Au Gratin Potatoes

January 3, 2011

I purchased these potatoes from Omaha Steaks online last week. I was not sure what to expect … The au gratin potatoes I had seen and tasted before were sliced potatoes with globbs of gooey cheese sauce, and by the looks of them, this certainly wasn’t it … I opened the box and got out my skillet. The first thing that I noticed is that these things were huge … like a gigantic tater tot. I browned them on both sides about 10 minutes each. To my surprise, they were very tasty. Texture was light fluffy and the potatoes tasted extra fresh .. not frozen or freezer burned. I liked them alot. I think these are perfect for kids … none of the flavors were overpowering and great texture … I give these 4 stars.

DarrinWynot, NE

So Good!

So so good! Delicious, easy to prepare food! I would definitely order again. Had a gourmet taste, and took only minutes to get ready. Yum!!!
NatoshaSharon, MS

tasted ok…. a bit overpriced tho

I like em but nothing unique about the flavor. basically saves you from having to make them at home… a little pricey but for a treat what the heck
NidiaFernwood, ID

They’re pretty good.

They taste pretty good. I eat one of these with some of the poultry selections from Omaha Steaks. It makes a great meal.
GertrudMilroy, IN

Easy for a single lifestyle

These potatoes are pretty good. They can be eaten alone or served with a meal. Really like potatoes and this is an easy choice.
ArmidaFort Atkinson, WI


Omaha Steaks 8 (5.75 oz.) Stuffed Baked Potatoes
The Stuffed Baked Potatoes were unimpressive and
lacking in flavor.

I tasted no bacon or chives.

However, they do make an attractive addition to a

AlvaElm City, NC

Mashed Taters

Potatoes were good. Two 12 oz trays will be enough for 4 adults so really not worth the money honestly. $10 for two little trays is a lot even for the ease and quality. Like I said they were good and easy to prepare and thankfully only four of us for x-mas dinner today or I wouldn’t have had enough. 24 oz. of potatoes sounds bigger then it is lol. (not Omaha’s fault)
RenettaLangworthy, IA

Taters …

I prepare these baked potatoes in a toaster oven. They are the perfect compliment to a hamburger, steak or chicken entree. Try them. You’ll like them!
HermanThayne, WY

Omaha Chicken and Stuffed Baked Potatoies

Very good transaction and Omaha food was sent properly. I already left one feedback.
AleishaPalmyra, ME

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

These potatoes are very good along with all their steaks and hamburgers. I would definately recommend Omaha Steaks to anyone looking for a gourmet dinner at a reasonable price!
MeghannNorth Stratford, NH