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Omaha Steaks Top Sirloins have a hearty steak flavor that you can’t find anywhere else. Lean, firm and full of flavor these steaks are a true grilling sensation. INGREDIENTS: Beef

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  • Perfect gift for all occasions!

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Love ’em

I’ve made multiple orders of these and I’ve never been disappointed. They are always well packed and always frozen (solid) with plenty of dry ice left over. They’re a little thick for my clamshell George Forman grill so I cut them in half and in 5 min. I have two tasty steaks (and dry ice to play with and a Styrofoam shipping container to take fishing or use as a giant cooler!

Watch your shipping and try different quantizes on the web page to get the optimum shipping deal. My last ‘large order’ was discounted enough to lower shipping to a buck fifty. They are vacuum sealed in groups of two which can be cut into singles.

Just grilled one tonight!

LucretiaHartford, VT

Great steaks — Horrible delivery

I ordered 12 steaks but only six arrived. I contacted Omaha and they said they would send six more. When the six more arrived they were completely thawed and now I am afraid to eat them — maybe I will fry them up and give them to my dog — he has a strong stomach. The six that arrived on time and still frozen were delicious. If this were baseball I would be thrilled, but I am not happy batting .500 in the steak department.

Update: Omaha sent me 12 more steaks. They arrived still frozen and the two I have eaten were delicious.

So all told, I originally ordered 12 — only six arrived — six more were sent but were thawed — but then they sent 12 and they were great. So in the end I ordered 12, but got 18 great steaks. Omaha made it more than right. Omaha may not be good at counting but they get an A for effort.

KarolineElvaston, IL