Omaha Steaks 6

A favorite game fish and a gourmet’s delight, with a mild flavor and oh, so delicate texture. Ideal for broiling, grilling or pan searing. Well suited to a variety of seasonings & marinades. INGREDIENTS: Mahi Mahi

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It’s OK but it definitely does NOT taste like Mahi…

Anyone who is a fan of the Mahi-Mahi fish knows that it has a very distinct flavor. It’s non-fishy. A true Mahi filet is delicious. I’ve eaten Mahi at many restaurants, and in the Caribbean. I can tell you that what I just took out of the box and baked, is NOT Mahi. Some parts of it were EXTREMELY fishy, and it just didn’t have that Mahi taste. Texture seemed to be that of a Mahi fish, but taste wise, absolutely not. I wouldn’t buy this again.
AmericaVeblen, SD