Omaha Steaks Chicken Breast Sampler

When you’re looking for an easy yet elegant meal, our Stuffed Chicken Breasts are guaranteed to impress. This sampler features classic favorites like Chicken Kiev and Chicken Cordon Bleu as well as tasty combinations like our Chicken with Wild Rice and Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Best off all you can have a delicious meal ready in just minutes!

Quick facts

  • 2 (7.75 oz.) Breast of Chicken Kiev
  • 2 (7.75 oz.) Chicken Cordon Bleu
  • 2 (7.75 oz.) Breast of Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese
  • 2 (7.75 oz.) Breast of Chicken with Wild Rice

Top reviews


Omaha Steaks collections make a great gift. Especially the non-steak samplers. Good food to put in the freezer and use when you don’t want to cook (which in my house is daily). Their steaks are ok – not great – but usually better than supermarket meats!
TifanyPoplarville, MS


Omaha Steaks mean quality and these fit the reputation. There are four different stuffed breasts which is a problem when you have more than one eating! Sharing is recommended as long as you receive an equal amount in return. All four are excellent. These are made from honest-to-goodness chicken breast meat and not the kind that are shaped and formed by processing lots of chicken meat(and filler or edible adhesive stuff) into a chicken tunnel filled with some filling. If you want a real treat, try these. (Consider how many you are feeding, and buy accordingly!)
ChantellMooresville, IN

Never knew frozen food could taste this good

I was completely blown away by the taste of these dishes. The chicken was extremely tender and tastey, as if it was fresh from the supermarket. You can’t even compare these to any supermarket brand, such as Stouffer’s. They aren’t on the same level. Now I know why there is a satisfaction guarentee in each package.

The instructions allow you to either use a microwave or an oven. I used an oven.

CrissyTurner Center, ME

3 out of 4 are very good

I loved the Breast of Chicken Cordon Bleu, Kiev and Broccoli & Cheese but Breast of Chicken with Wild Rice was so nasty! No seasoning or sauce to go with it, if they can fix that then this would be perfect.
DorathyEnon Valley, PA


Man are these things good! Pop them in the oven for 40 minutes and you have a very nice start to a great meal. They come shipped on dry ice in a styrofoam container and were frozen solid when I received them. They are large servings and just taste fantastic. This is my first try with Omaha Steaks but they have definately made me a return customer!
ShanaTexico, NM