Omanhene Hot Cocoa Mix, 12-Ounce Canisters

All-natural, single-orign hot cocoa mix made with 100% Ghana cocoa beans, considered the “finest in the world” by The Financial Times of London.

Quick facts

  • Beyond Fair Trade

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Worth Finding

Omanhene is the best cocoa (also bars, baking chocolate, etc.) one can find – if one can find it.

Entirely produced in Ghana – from beans – not manufactured from previously processed components in Europe. I understand that hard-core chocolate snobs pinpoint this speck of West Africa as the mecca for the best on earth. One can taste that.

The trouble is getting your hands on some. I’d rather deal with my grocer than Amazon. Addictive.

KayeCaroga Lake, NY

Delicious, rich and not exploitative!

I was searching for a great hot chocolate mix to replace my beloved Ghiradelli mix. I had recently learned that most American chocolate companies are still buying cocoa from slavers. (Forbes Magazine ran a recent article about it.) I couldn’t find a good fair trade cocoa in town, but Omanhene was on amazon. I ordered it and loved it! It is not as sweet as i am used to. I use three tablespoons to make a cup. But it is delicious, and as far as i can ascertain, the farmers involved don’t enslave children.
EvieLinkwood, MD

great taste

Great taste- nice and rich- not too sweet (I don’t like really sweet drinks). The recipe does call for making with milk- not water (however, I have found that rice milk works just great). Good price for the quality!
RhiannonFontana Dam, NC


We discovered Omanhene years ago from a friend who knew the creator of this African product. We’ve never found a better cocoa product for making hot chocolate.
YelenaNorth San Juan, CA

Great hot chocolate

I first tasted this hot chocolate at a coffee shop in Portland and thought it was excellent. It tastes like very good quality hot chocolate and the ingredient list is simple. As an added bonus, the subscribe & save price through Amazon makes this an excellent value.
BelleFort Edward, NY

Fantastic Cocoa

If you are searching for a chocolate indulgence that cannot be beat…treat yourself to the very best hot cocoa mix. This is the best stuff. Highly recommended. I’d spent more time telling you all about this wonderful cocoa mix but I just made myself a mug full of this hot cocoa and its time to imbibe!
JustaWeleetka, OK

awesome hot cocoa

this mint hot cocoa smells and tastes so good. it has just the perfect balance of mint and cocoa. i highly recommend it.
EvanMansfield, MO

said to be produced without slavery; helpful product, no fructose corn-syrup’ and tastes great

Lucky to find this “true and authentic hot cocoa mix”. I was looking for cocoa mixes without corn syrup or dry milk. Think I’ve found it in this product.
The Omanhene organization has a website under that name, and the package label says the company works out of the state of Wisconsin.
The label has lots of very interesting facts, such as:

A) “In a unique process, our beans are fermented between banana leaves and dried in the warm African sun. Then we roast, grind and press the beans to extract the finest natural cocoa powder available anywhere…..”
B). “Omanhene” (OH -mahn-HEE-nee) comes from the Twi language and is the title for the traditional king or chief, the repository of ethical and moral authority in Ghana.”

We’ve tried this at our house both with milk and with water, and thought it very good tasting, sugar not overpowering.
Our order was a pack of four, 12 ounces each, nice seal under the plastic lid.
Some nutrition facts are: 14 servings of 2 tbsp each per 12 ounce-container…
Which works out to: 80 calories per serving,
5 calories fat, zero transfat, zero saturated fat, and 0.5 gram of fat
Zero cholesterol;
5 mg sodium. (Low)
20 grams carb
2 grams fiber
16 grams sugar
1 gram protein
Mixing directions are on the label. Again, lucky to have this alternative to corn syrup, dry milk, and standard cocoa mixes. Recommended, and hope you like this, too.

TynishaArnett, OK

Just okay…not exactly what I hoped for

I have been on a quest to find a really good hot cocoa mix. After sifting through many types and reviews I decided to try this one. Sadly, this mix is kind of blah…it is not bad but not anything better than what I buy at the supermarket. I like cocoa that is rich, mildly sweet with a hint of saltiness. I did not find this mix rich at all (yes, I followed the directions) and did not detect any salt, it was mildly sweet–maybe minimally would be more accurate. Perhaps, after trying it a couple more times the taste will grow on me? I will say it does have a uniqueness about it. All and all, I have to say that I would not suggest this product.
MartinTopawa, AZ