Omega Nutrition Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter, 20 oz

Omega Nutrition’s organic Pumpkin Seed Butter is a great tasting alternative to peanut butter! The rich delicious flavor goes great with crackers, bread, muffins, cooked vegetables and in any recipe that requires nut butter. Oil may separate naturally from butter. Stir before using. Color variation may occur due to the natural properties of seed and small batch manufacturing process.

Quick facts

  • No added sugar, fillers, starch, additives, stabilizers or artificial preservatives

Top reviews

Not my favorite!

I do not like the consistancy or flavor of this product. Its price is near double that of sunflower butter which I also purchased to replace regular peanut butter. We love Sunbutter!
DrewGeorgetown, KY

Delicious, healthy, a real treat!

I’ve recently discovered, and some may say become obsessed with raw nut and seed butters, I had ordered and devoured a jar of raw pumpkin seed from a different supplier, Then when I went to reorder, must to my dismay, the price was now outrageous! $65.00 for a jar. So I thought, what should I do? Luckily, Amazon came through for me, I found this brand while googling on Amazon,,,,and gave it a whirl, Well, it came in today and it’s yummy, No complaints, This will fit the bill just fine, I am not sure if it is raw, but it is coldpressed, And it tastes healthy, Hurray! Is a better value for the dollar too!
WinonaSaint Paul, KS

Good way to get your omega-3.

Pumpkin seed butter is a bit runnier than regular peanut butter or cashew butter (for comparison). However, pumpkin seeds are a good source of omega3 fatty acids and the pumpkin seed butter is a nice alternative to eating all those pumpkin seeds. I’ve ordered it a couple of times and shared it with my family and co-workers. They didn’t seem to care for it, so it’s probably a bit of an acquired taste. Knowing it is good for me is enough of an incentive for me to eat it, but not so much for others. This product will last you a while. Now, cashew butter on the other hand, will go quickly! Everyone seems to love that.
ColbyNome, ND


This nut spread is delicious and is not too sweet. It is especially good on sprouted raisin bread. Takes the place of peanut butter and is much healthier.
CordeliaKenai, AK

Tasty, and might even help health

I have been using this product for about 6 months. It is tasty enough to use as a spread on bread or crackers. Needs to be mixed (oil separates) when opened, but afterwards keeps ok in refrigerator. Using it for the high concentration of helpful minerals etc for BPH. Prostate problems much improved, but I don’t know if its the pumpkin seed butter or one of the other dozen things I am taking, or all of it together.
BradfordPalisades, NY

Wonderful nutritional spread…

For those of us who have nut and peanut sensitivities, we are always looking for some tasty spread, and this pumpkin seed butter fits that bill. The green color might put you off, but don’t let it! It tastes wonderful, slightly salty and very flavorful. I spread it on organic brown rice cakes, sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top with a few raisins and some raw sunflower seeds – tastes awesome…!!! What a wonderful snack or desert and high in protein and very nutritious… 🙂
JuneNokomis, FL