Orbit Cinnamon Sugarfree Gum,

Wrigley’s Orbit Brand Chewing Gum: Get that just brushed clean feeling when you’re on the go with Orbit sugarfree gum. Cinnamon Flavor—Get that just brushed clean feeling anytime, anywhere with Orbit Cinnamon Gum

Quick facts

  • Get that just brushed clean feeling anytime, anywhere with Orbit Cinnamon Gum
  • Orbit gum has received the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance in recognition of the oral-care benefits of chewing sugarfree gum
  • This is just one of many Orbit flavors – try them all
  • Package includes 12 individual packs

Top reviews

My favorite gum

Sugar free, great taste, pretty long lasting. Not a lot to say about gum. I like it a lot.
SherrieKeystone, WV

Very Fresh

I love orbit cinnamon gum so there is no surprise that this is delicious.

I would like to comment that one reviewer said his pack was stale and I did not have that experience what so ever.

KarylOmena, MI

stale & lacking in flavor

I assumed that bulk purchases of this type would be fresh, drop shipped as a rule, but I have serious doubts now. I have had the fresh gum, this isn’t even close. You could wear your teeth out chewing this.

Unfortunately, one of the few bad products, as received. As usual, Amazon does an incredible job of processing, expeding & getting shipped-every time!

TawnySautee Nacoochee, GA


I just received my order (Orbit Cinnamint Sugarfree Gum, 14-Piece Packs (Pack of 12) Sold by: Potential Dynamix LLC. I was surprised to see the packaging which indicated “Limited Edition” with a bright green florescent sticker on each individual pack of gum. I thought this promotion had ended months ago so the gum couldn’t be very fresh. I was totally correct. The promotion was between 2/11 and 5/11, according to the writing on the pack; today is 7/25/11! The gum was hugely stale; barely chewable. I will NOT order from these folks again. This was blatantly bad business (selling an obviously stale product), like selling a “use by” date that is 1/2 year old!
NakishaWalhalla, SC

Why is the picture showing the 24 pack?????

Misleading. The reason this is cheaper than the other flavors is that this is a 12 pack, whereas the others are all 24 packs for around $21. Beware of misleading listings.

Also, the cinnamint is probably the weakest flavor. Even fresh packs (I can tell because of the dates of promotions on the package they sometimes run) can sometimes taste stale. This is because the flavor of the cinnamint lasts just a few minutes. Tasting all flavors, the peppermint by far outlasts this flavor and most of the others. I highly recommend that flavor for a nice breath refresher between brushings or just after meals.

Orbit Peppermint Sugarfree Gum, 14-Piece Packs (Pack of 24)

VaughnRingwood, OK

The gum is stale and old.

The gum is stale, it’s lost most of its taste, and it’s hard. If you compare it to the store bought one, it’s like a totally different gum. Big mistake. It explains why it’s so cheap though. Straight in the trash it goes.
AsiaBlanket, TX

no good

Unfortunately this particular box of gums contained staled and hard pieces.
Don’t know why, since the fruity flavour Orbit gums were great . . . .
JarodGilman, MN

My favorite sugarfree gum

I’ve ordered a lot of gum off Amazon, many different brands and flavors. This is my favorite. I think anywhere you buy gum, sometimes you get a stale pack or batch, but overall I’ve been happy enough with the quality and freshness to keep ordering it time and again.
SolMeadow Lands, PA

orbit sugarfree gum

I am sorry to inform you that your product was not fresh, on inspection of the package I found that the product sent to me was past the expiration date.
RachelleCenter Point, TX