Orbit White Spearmint Sugarfree Gum, 12-Piece Packs

Orbit White delivers a whitening benefit with a great taste and just brushed clean feeling. With a style all its own, Orbit White will help remove stains and whiten teeth, and give you a brilliant smile you’ll want to show the world. Orbit White is proven to remove stains and whiten teeth by chewing two pieces after meals or drinking wine, soda or other teeth staining products.

Quick facts

  • Two boxes, each box containing 12 12-piece little boxes (total of 24 little boxes / 288 pieces)
  • Sugar-free gum flavored with spearmint and including baking soda to help remove tooth stains
  • Sweetened with sorbitol, glycerol, and artificial sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame K
  • Sweeteners have little impact on blood-sugar level, do not cause tooth decay
  • Good substitute for high-calorie snacks

Top reviews


Good product. Great to have in a candy dish on my desk. Keeps everyone smelling better when they want to stick around and chat.
AundreaAndes, NY