Oregon Fruit Blueberries in Light Syrup, 15-Ounce Cans

The mild, wet weather produces some of the most delicious fruits that you will find anywhere in the world. Our fruits are vine ripened (never packed green) which makes them more delicate for us to handle, but we feel the flavor is worth it.

Quick facts

  • No High Fructose corn syrup, Non GMO, Gluten Free
  • Vine-ripened Blueberries in Light syrup; all-natural
  • Grown in the Willamette Valley of Northwestern Oregon
  • Use for pies, cakes, cobblers, ice-cream topping, smoothies, muffins

Top reviews

dented cans

My order of Oregon Fruit Co. blueberries arrived in a perfect box but 6 of the 8 cans are dented,
3 quite seriously and 3 not as seriously.
This is a product that I really want but
I never buy a can that is dented!
What can I do now???
And now I also see that it is not a returnable item!Oregon Fruit Blueberries in Light Syrup, 15-Ounce Cans (Pack of 8)
MeldaSilver Lake, IN

Berry, Berry Good

Contrary to popular belief, these are not just for baking. Not only are Oregon Blueberries loaded with antioxidants, they are delicious right out of the can. I buy them in bulk from Amazon.Com. I add two or three tablespoons over my Total cereal every morning, along with a heaping spoonful of crushed, honey-roasted almonds and some Splenda. Float the heavenly mixture in skim milk or light soy milk. Add in a glass of orange juice and a banana and you’re in for a treat. Eating healthy can be fun. This comes from one who was raised on a daily breakfast of bacon, saugage, eggs, whole milk, grits or hashbrowns and biscuits all dripping with homemade butter. Granted, this was wonderful at the time, but it’s a miracle that anyone survives past 50 on such a diet. However, no health food is any good if you sit on your butt all day and do nothing.
DebrahGueydan, LA

Very versatile

More than just for pies and cobblers, these blueberries are great in breakfast cereal, in muffins and in pancakes. Or put them atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum!!
ChristieHartwood, VA

Best Blueberries

I have been buying Oregon brand canned fruit for years and I believe it is the best quality canned fruit available.

I am so pleased that Amazon has decided to carry the entire Oregon line of products as most local grocery stores only have four or five.

We are retired in Florida and to be able to get great tasting fruit from the Northwest at a reasonable price and free shipping ($25.00 minimum policy) is just a great bonus.

AnnettRocky, OK

Too much sugar??

I am used to buying canned veggies that have been cooked to a mush, with too much salt. Why blueberries cooked down with too much sugar?? Isn’t it possible to cook them less, and leave out most of the sugar? However, it’s nice to have a can or two handy for desserts. I now have been buying frozen vegetables and frozen berries under the “Surefine” brand at my local IGA market. It’s a great difference in taste and texture. BL
AlysiaStinson Lake, NH

Oregon Fruit is simply THE BEST

If you want the best fruit for your baking or simply serving it plain, make sure it is Oregon Fruit. Every piece of fruit (be it blueberries, blackberries, cherries, figs) is perfect. It is not packed with alot of sugar. We order cases of it at a time and go through it surprizingly fast. The whole family likes it a lot.
BarbWeaverville, NC

mother, grandma, great-grandma, camper

My son-in-law is really into blue berries etc. as an antioxident. He really likes blue berry pie and cobbler. Of course he tries to put less suger in it so I buy the blue berries in their own juice and thicken it myself and use less sugar. I also do this with the canned cherries in their own juice for my husband as he perfers cherry pies. Amazon is one of the only places that I found I can get both these items so quickly and at a great price rather than just buying a can at the grocery.
KarlVirginia City, MT

The best!

If you like blueberries, then you will love these. Nothing like a prepared fruit in a can for a fast dessert without having to worry about spoilage.
HuiLynn, MA

OregoN Fruit Blueberries

These blueberries are wonderful especially when I can’t find blueberries very readily where I live. They transport well and I have never had a problem with a bad can (and I’ve eaten a lot of them!). My only problem is that they are available at local stores for less than what they cost on Amazon, but when you need to ship them to someone else, Amazon is a great place to find them!
NgocOak Grove, MO

Plump Berries

This is a good product, perfect for making blueberry pies. The berries are plump and large. When I want blueberry pancakes, I use frozen blueberries, rinse them (to slightly thaw) and stir them into the batter. Frozen blueberries require sugar as well. This Oregon product incudes some juice which is perfect for pies.
ShainaPort Jefferson Station, NY