Oreo Chocolate Sandwich

Oreo Sandwich America’s favorite Cookie contains 4 choclate sandwich cookies. Contains wheat and soy. Good source of Calcium, Iron and Protein. Kraft Foods make delicious foods you can feel good about. Whether watching your weight or preparing to celebrate, grabbing a quick bite or sitting down to family night, we pour our hearts into createing foods that are wholesome and delicious. We believe we can make a delicious difference, everywhere. We’re constantly looking for fresh ideas to improve our workplace, our partnerships, our communities and our world.

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Top reviews

never received this order

I think they would have been good… really wish I could have experienced them. They’ve never arrived.
MelisaRudolph, OH

Little filling, disappointed in quality of product

Oreos have gone downhill in quality. Little creme filling and mostly chocolate cookie. Recommend Newman’s equivalent, much more filling and great tasting.
JonieHigh Ridge, MO

Wrong quantity

I only got pack of 12 but not as it was said pack of 48,because my husband placed this order, When i got the package i just felt strange they used a so big box for this small stuff,, and I did not realize the quantity was wrong until today I checked my account. But now I already finished most cookies ,and I think everything is late .
LanetteSaint Croix Falls, WI

Chocolate Cream Oreo Cookies 101

This is less of a review of the actual cookies; though I rated them 5 stars. The real merit of this “review” is to provide information that may help others avoid the confusion that I experienced when I received my order.

I stumbled upon the product page on Amazon for “Double Stuf Oreo Chocolate Cream.” The Amazon product image clearly said “Double Stuf Oreo Chocolate Cream” and I had never seen that product description or package previously. I had seen regular Chocolate Cream Oreos before and even original Double Stuf Oreos (with the white filling) in local grocery stores but never the Double Stuf Oreo Chocolate Cream. I put my concern about the potential need to buy new pants aside and I ordered a case of 12 boxes, which is the minimum order.

I received the case promptly from Amazon. When I opened it, I found 12 boxes that simply said, “Chocolate Cream Oreo”. I uploaded a picture of what I received. I called Amazon and told some nice representative in India that I received the familiar regular stuf Chocolate Cream Oreos that I have seen in stores and not the Double Stuf Chocolate Cream I had been expecting. He apologized and shipped another case.

I received another case today and it was the exact same product that I received a few days previously: “Chocolate Cream Oreo”. Instead of calling Amazon, I decided to call Nabisco (Kraft Foods, Inc.) for clarification. The number is listed on the package 1800-622-4726.

The following is probably the real virtue of this review. I was told that the package now for the Double Stuf Oreo Chocolate Cream does not say “Double Stuf” anywhere. As I mentioned, I uploaded an image of the Double Stuf product package that I received. According to Kraft, the only way to tell is the UPC and package weight. The package weight for Double Stuf Oreos is 1 pound 1 ounce. The package weight for regular or normal stuf Oreos is apparently 15.6 oz. The UPC for Double Stuf Oreos is 04472700. The UPC for (regular stuf) Chocolate Cream Oreos is 044000025298. Since the package does not say Double Stuf anymore, I am not even sure what my local grocery carries. I need to check the package weight and UPC at the grocery store.

Therefore before you jump, head-long, into buying 12 boxes of this magical Double Stuf Chocolate Cream, you may want to check what your local grocery store carries. I really do not see the logic in having 2 different products with the same package, but there you go: that is apparently the case with Double Stuf Chocolate Cream and regular stuf Chocolate Cream Oreos. I will also mention that it would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison of Double Stuf and regular Oreo cookies. My guess is that the difference is not as significant as you might expect since I initially thought my cookies were regular stuf.

ArdenHill, NH

Better than the original

It is hard to imagine something as good as the original chocolate oreo. That was in the days when Oreo only meant one thing: Two chocolate wafers and vanilla cream. The best way to eat those was to soak them until they were soft in ice cold milk (only could get whole milk back then). Now there are how many things with the oreo name? TOO many.

But this! The Golden Oreo. Truly wonderful. Totally different than the original oreo. But wonderful. It is also BETTER than the current chocolate Oreo. I wish I could taste-test the original oreo for comparison, but cannot be done…

NorineSlaughter, LA

So good

Now I know why there are cookies number one.
There are so good, you must try it.
DeettaWebster, KY

A great way to get your cookie fix.

A review for cookies? Why not?

My wife and I love Oreos. Every once in a while she picks up a bag at the store and we eat some with milk.

The problem is that we feel compelled to finish off the bag before they get stale. Since all the kids are gone that’s tough. It’s not really good for us and after 3 or 4 nights it gets kind of old.

Recently she got a 12 pack assortment of cookies which contained Oreos, Nutter Butters, etc. I wondered if there was a way to just buy a whole bunch of “snack packs” for Oreos and sure enough Amazon has them.

Now we can have that 6 cookie “fix” without having to remember to pick them up at the store or worry about them going stale if we don’t finish them off.

RamiroRapelje, MT

The perfect format for a student like me, but be careful

Three important details about me:
1. I have a ridiculously fast metabolism so I always want snacks.
2. I’m a student often stuck in long, boring lectures or labs.
3. I’m cheap.

That’s why I was so elated when I found this deal. I already love Oreos and I’m always searching for small snacks I can shove in my backpack when I’m running out the door. I tend to buy boxes of snacks and just cycle through them: peanut butter crackers, Nutty bars, bags of M&Ms, Moon Pies, etc. The 48 pack of Oreos was my most recent one and definitely one of my favorites.

They’re packaged pretty lightly in little bags of 6 Oreos and I find it to be the perfect amount so that I’m satiated but not wasting any due to losing taste. One pack of 48 will last me at least a month (sometimes I eat two or three packs in a sitting, okay?) so Subscribe & Save seemed to be my perfect snack solution.

Of course I didn’t realize how much Subscribe & Save sucks. The price on these literally doubled after my first month and I had to cancel my subscription. That said, the product is great but don’t trust subscribing through Amazon.

TrangShell Rock, IA

Super Fresh!!

These are great cookies. The shipment from Amazon was really, really fresh! Fresher than cookies from the supermarket.
Definitely recommended.
AjaPoston, AZ


These oreo’s were great, my family gobbled them up without conscience, i even had to hide some packs around the house so they would not over eat them hahaha. All i can say about these is Excellent i would reccommend these to every one. We even got a few people hooked as you dont see these in your every day supermarket in Denmark. Just great taste, fresh and delicious.
Yours Natasha (DENMARK)
AndreeBluff Springs, IL

Still The Best…..

I have had an Oreo addiction since just about the time I knew what a cookie was. Its funny how Oreos have managed to hang on and become such a family favorite despite all the competition of much fancier cookies that are available. No nugets going on here, chocolate bits, caramel, icing, or peanuts either. Just a tasty chocolate cookie shell with a delicious vanilla filling. Keeping it simple has been the best policy for Oreo lovers for decades now. These little packages contain Oreos that are a smidgen’ smaller than the regular box or bag sized variety. What the cookie and candy industry refers to as the fun size. That might explain some of the negative comments as to these Oreos being rather cheap with the filling. In my opinion the ratio is the same, they are just smaller.

This 12 pack is an excellent buy on Amazon. Buy two of them and you get free shipping and for the majority of us, no sales tax. A fine buy if you have a lots of Oreo fiends in your home that prefer a measured amount of these great cookies. Like a lot of other reviewers here I tend to eat less of them when they come in the little packages as such. Great classic Oreo cookies at a good price. Highly recommended…

MikaelaAlma, GA

great for keeping family fingers out of the cookie jar

I love these 6 packs. I have three kids and I can easily make a snack bag for school with 2 each. And the benefit is there is not a bag left behind for mom and dad to graze on from the cookie jar. Great packagign for hiding in spots around house so the snack hungry teens do not eat them all in a day.
GudrunStrasburg, MO

It’s Dunkin’ time again

To the tune of “Cryin’ Time by Buck Owens

Oh it’s dunkin’ time again, You’re gonna eat me.

I can see that cravin’ growing in your eyes.
I can tell by the way your tummy’s growlin’
That it won’t be long until it’s dunkin’ time.

Now that diet that you’re tryin’ leaves you edgy
that’s the way it’s happened every time before
And as sure as that’s a glass of milk you’re pourin’
It won’t be long before it’s dunkin’ time.

Go on, you know it has been your comfort food as long as you can remember!
Double Stuff is just more fun!

SondraMontgomery, MN

Excellent sandwich cookie

Ok, for some of you (NAMELY Mr. A. H. of Detroit, Michigan), anything but a chocolate sandwich cookie, embossed with Nabisco symbols and filled with white creme is a travesty, but Golden Oreos are a worthy addition to the cookie line of Nabisco. These are vanilla cookies, slightly flavored with burnt sugar, filled with the familiar white creme.

Unlike classic Oreos, the Golden version have not suffered much from having trans-fats removed. The cookie is still crisp enough and the flavor is the same. By contrast, original Oreos seem a bit softer due to the change in recipe.

Another good feature is the fact that Golden Oreos don’t leave a dark mess on your teeth. So you can eat one and not check yourself in a hand mirror afterwards if you are being in public. This is a very nice cookie with a cup of tea or coffee and a standard in our house for teatime or dessert.

BebeThree Springs, PA

Americas favorite cookies indeed!

These packs didn’t last very long in my home. I found cookie wrappers everywhere. I saw the box on the top shelf and thought they were still eating out of one box, Not! The boxes were empty just sitting there all nice and neat. I haven’t ordered anymore. I will make them wait a while, they was gone much too fast.
I guess I will break dowm and give them out for holloween. I’ll leave the empty boxes on the shelf too.) Ha ha.
EllanPurdin, MO

Got the 48-pack of these 2oz. packages for $10.73!!! GREAT STUFF.

Awesome cookies, always have been a fan and never disappointed. Amazon is truly the best when it comes to quality assurance and shipping speeds,… and everything else!
LouMode, IL

Convenient & cheap if you wait for the sale price

I watch for this 48-pack of Oreos to drop below fifteen bucks to justify the convenience for the price. With these small packs of Oreos my kiddos grab them for their lunches (1 is middle school, 1 is HS)and my husband and I also choose them for a small snack…a little indulgence! I’ve ordered them 5 seperate times and they have always been fresh. Thanks Amazon!
MarybelleWebster, NY

Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

So good! I had to order 2 cases at the great sale price. I am nibbling on one package right now and they are delicious. I will be keeping my eyes peeled on this amazon.com item. Its hard to stop eating them also. They taste just as fresh as can be. Highly recommended. No regrets whatsoever!
KaiPeel, AR

Hard to overdo it, with these prepacked snack packs

Each pack contains 6 Oreos. That’s a tidy size for someone who wants a little snack but tends to overdo it with a big bag of Oreos! However, having 48 of these in the house has led all of us to a bit of Oreo gluttony. You know how easy it is…”Oh, there’s only 6, I’ll have another pack.” As a result our box of 48 has barely lasted a month for three people. So, I will probably not get this anymore because it’s too tempting!
TishaSebago, ME

not good

I’m the biggest Oreo cookie eater you’ll ever find, so when I discovered they make sandwich cookies I was interested however the taste is significantly different from a regular cookie. The icing is the same, but the cookie part is soft and mushy like a moonpie. You can’t really dip these in milk because they fall apart. Not recommended for those who grew up with the dippable kind of Oreo cookies (that being most of us).
UlaGreenbush, MI

What else is there to say?

I’ve been craving oreos for the past week. What better way to satisfy my needs than to order online and have it delivered right to your doorstep?

Comes in 12 packs of 6 oreos each, which is perfect for a little snack or to put inside a bag to eat later.

LavonneMiddleport, PA

Oreos always win

I got these when they were priced at $15 for a pack of 48…that’s a steal and why I gave this 5 stars. Everyone knows Oreos are delicious, so I don’t need to comment on their taste.
FabianSaint Landry, LA

keeps cookies tasting fresh and crunchy

These are always going to be more expensive than buying the single big pack – remember when oreos were packed into three plastic tubes in a plastic box.

These oreos always come out crunchy with a very pliable filling that can be easily nudged-rolled off if you don’t like the filling. If Nabisco sold individually wrapped cookies, I’d pay the extra money as I usually only want one cookie.

I will always choose to buy oreos packaged in as small a serving as possible despite the expense unless I get some kind of vacuum sealer.

ElvinaGreencreek, ID

OREOs are some of the best

These are great tasting cookies… great with milk, even for a grown-up. The packages are convenient, each containing six cookies. Don’t know what else to say…

5 stars as long as you get a decent/good deal on them.

KierstenOxford, NC

awesome deal

I got these because they were a screaming deal over buying in the store.Would order again at the same price.
PandoraSantee, CA

Very tasty oreo packs

Oreos are the best, no doubt, and these small packs are so convinent for carrying around with a lunch and such. Love it, in an adult and I pack it in my lunches.
KalynBerkeley Heights, NJ


First time buy food from Amazon, but these are good price and yummy. We all like it, it’s good to share with friends too.
AlbertGrouse Creek, UT

How can you not like Oreos, especially small packages

Great item at $16 (on sale). My problem with supermarket packaging is the problem that the cookies taste great but once you open the package for about a week the cookies gets moist and taste not nearly as delicious as when the bag was open. So these small packages, I think 6 cookies each is the perfect size. They will all taste great and crisp.
KurtisHubbard, TX

perfect for halloween

i ordered these to give out for halloween instead of candy. the only problem is i didn’t hide them well enough and my dear husband keeps taking them in his lunch. perfect for on the go snacking and they are great portion control.
EnriqueEvarts, KY

Oreo Cookies

I received 6 boxies of Oreo Cookies, shipment was fast and well packaged. This will be great to hand out for Halloween!
LucindaTula, MS