Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge, 11-Ounce Container

Orgain is the world’s first ready-to-drink certified organic meal replacement made from only the highest quality ingredients. Loaded with 16 grams of organic protein, organic complex carbohydrates from brown rice, organic spinach, kale, beets, tomatoes.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 11-ounces per pack (total of 132 ounces)
  • Highest quality organic cocoa
  • No artificial flavoring
  • USDA organic

Top reviews

Sorry to disagree but……..

Seems most people love these Orgain shakes. This fact really, really makes me wonder. I don’t normally like to leave negative reviews of anything, but I feel it’s my duty to express my difference of opinion. I have tried only the “chocolate”, and I use quotation marks because it tastes like no chocolate I have ever tasted in my entire life, and I’m a girl who knows her way around chocolate. It was absolutely the most disgusting protein drink I have ever tasted. If you put bark mulch, lawn clippings and a little bit of manure in a blender with milk and drank it – that might be a close comparison to the taste of this stuff, in my humble opinion. I can’t even believe I spent money on these, or that anyone else does. Maybe if you’re one of those people who drinks wheatgrass or eats carob like it’s really chocolate, or one of those other “healthy” and a way too earthy concoctions, you’ll like it. If you have normal tastebuds, run – don’t walk – the other way from this stuff.
KrystalConran, MO

Drinks were chalky at bottom

These drinks have a chalky residue in bottom of carton as if was spoiled. The drinks received before this shipment was okay. I think I read something that said that amazon is aware of this problem but yet they shipped me this batch anyway.
DelmyGoliad, TX

Vanilla has odd note in the flavor and is pretty “watery”…just okay

I bought this in the vanilla cause the nutritional profile seemed good for hubby (who has trouble keeping weight on since we ditched most starches). He’s not much into chocolate-milk type things. I got the case today, chilled a few, and tasted it.

There’s that weird aspect to the taste–first kinda like bacon, then sorta green. It’s really unpleasant in the first sip. Fortunately, after a few more sips, you start to get used to it and can get the vanilla vibe better. I’m assuming it’s the veggie component in there making me cringe at first–since I don’t normally have veggie smoothies masquerading as vanilla shakes. I like my veggie smoothies overtly, unapologetically veggie-green. I like the taste of the Green Magma or Green Goddess type smoothies that have spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, etc. 🙂 (Don’t know why my first sip of Orgain hollered, “bacon!” at me, but there it is. Offputting.)

The shake is thin–watery even. NOT creamy or thick.

I could drink this if I needed unto. I’ve had some protein shakes that made me gag. This did not, it went down easily, no weird slimy texture, no weird chalkiness, just that odd smoky/then/green vibe. It’s not something I could say was tasty.

Maybe the chocolate flavor hides that weird taste thing going on better than the vanilla. I like the Amazing Grass that has the cocoa, so I could see that working. Still, I doubt I’ll order it to find out. I hope hubby likes this flavor. I don’t really want to finish this case.

TereasaCasar, NC

PLEASE READ EDIT BELOW! If you like whey based supplements…

If you like whey based supplements, and are used to that kind of taste, you might like this. Otherwise, stay away, FAR away. Do not expect a delicious, refreshing smoothie or an ‘Ensure’ type of meal replacement product. This is nicely organic, but unless shaken hard and chugged in a few seconds, there is a bunch of sludge at the bottom. I myself do not like to drink it, it is a bit too sweet, and the sludge factor is kinda creepy. Adding a frozen banana and blending is fine, and I even cook with it. I made a fresh fruit cobbler using this instead of milk and cutting back on the sugar.
EDIT….Above is my original review. It was too late to call Amazon so I was just going to let it go, long story short, I tried it again, and it is DELICIOUS! Even the color was different, an off white instead of deep tan. I suspect Amazon stored it near a heater. NO goop at the bottom, and it tastes fresh and sweet, totally fine without anything added. I emailed the company, they responded and sent coupons, wooHOO! So great taste, attentive customer service…I’ll be buying more.
TerryTillson, NY

Orgain Wow!! Its now better than ever!, thank you!

I just received two cases of Orgain and I must say the product is better than ever! I did have a problem with soy being on the label before and they finally removed it and I’m so thankful that they responded to my concern (and I’m sure soy allergen is a concern for a lot of people). For the few reviews that say they don’t like change, as a progressive individual I must say thank you the product is better than ever and you have a loyal customer for life!!!
ShaMagnolia, IA

Too many additives

Carrageenan Gum, one of the ingredients, is not something you ever want to voluntarily put in your body. Research it and the word “inflammation” together. Inulin is also something you don’t want to eat unless you are certain it is not going to give you problems. Research it for yourself. You might also want to read through the other unneeded additives and check them out for yourself.
GennyMiddleville, NY


The drinks are excellent although I just got two cases of them and they are all expired! Check the labels. They expired april 2012 and its almost june 1. Check this out first. I called amazon and they are sending me non expired ones I hope now.
FerminaShawnee, CO

Best Tasting and Healthiest Ready to Drink Meal Replacement Shake

I’ve been searching since the days that Kashi stopped producing their meal replacement shake mix for something that tastes just as good and is just as good for you. I’ve tried both available flavors of Orgain and I find the chocolate to have no remnant of soy protein in its taste. The shake tastes great at room temp and amazing chilled. I appreciate that there’s some remnants of veggies and fruit in the shake too.

Potential downsides:
It’s not all oil, sugar, and protein….although its mostly that… So it’s not exactly as good as sitting down and eating a sandwich. The shake is only made in pre-measured little boxes so there’s no opportunity to save some money with a tub of a dry mix. The shakes are expensive too. The trade off is better ingredients, instead of unpronounceable and artificial junk found in say, Slimfast (although that too is mostly oil, sugar, and protein…just from worse ingredient sources). The shake is also not vegan if that’s something you’re looking for. There’s currently only 2 flavors of the shake too, so if variety’s your thing, this isn’t a good shake to try out long term.

I still rate this 5 stars for the ingredients, the taste, and the fairly extensive nutrition content. I wish this had more veggies and fruit in it though…vs. 50 mg each of a fruit and veggie blend.

OzellaWest Chicago, IL

Tastes horrible!

I ordered the chocolate and vanilla based on all the positive reviews. Big mistake!! I tried the chocolate first, and wondered if it was spoiled it tasted so weird. Then I tried the vanilla and got the same icky taste. I don’t know how the positive reviewers can stand this stuff!! It is like a sour, almost metallic taste, and kind of grassy too. Yuck!! The rest of it is going in the trash. Don’t waste your money.
ArdeliaCentralia, MO

Great taste

This tastes like real chocolate milk! I’ve tried Slim-Fast, Muscle Milk, and other protein shakes, but I can’t stand anything that has sucralose, aspartame, or any other artificial sweetener – they leave a nasty after-taste. Orgain doesn’t have any of that artificial stuff and it tastes great.
LouraIndianapolis, IN

Not as good as it was before

I have been a longstanding and enthusiastic customer of Orgain for many years, subscribing to several cases per month. I was quite dismayed to realize that they changed the formulation. The change in taste was immediately obvious and it was NOT for the better. I compared the old with the new list of ingredients and there are a number of changes. I wish they hadn’t messed with a good thing. I practically lived on Orgain before and now I can barely choke it down. It just doesn’t taste good any more. Yuck!! I need to find an alternative!!
CharityBeaver, WV

Vanilla Orgain

The taste is good, but there are congealed chunks at the bottom. They do not go away no matter how much you shake the container. I will never order vanilla again.
CarrollSweetser, IN


These are amazing. Super delicious and they really do sustain you. I drink one of these and eat an apple for lunch and I feel great. I highly recommend.
GordonSouth Orange, NJ

Great product, 30 % price increase.

$33 in July, $47 in August. Great business if people keep buying it. Not worth it? Or is it. You can pay $3.75 for each container and figure it out.
YahairaRumney, NH

Did not like the vanilla bean…

I purchased both the vanilla bean and chocolate based on all the 5 star reviews, protein, organic, and nutritionally equivalent to 10 servings of fruits/veggies. The chocolate was okay, but the vanilla bean had a strange after-taste….still not sure how to describe it – reminded me of cornbread and soybeans. Adding frozen fruit and blending it helped a little, but didn’t completely mask the weird after-taste. Maybe it was a ‘bad batch,’ but the expiration date was March 2012, so I don’t believe that was the probem. Unfortunately, taste is a HUGE factor for me, so even though I like everything else about these shakes, I won’t be buying again.
KathrineCaseyville, IL


I was going to buy this drink because of the good reviews. But after reading the ingredients I saw carrageenan is listed. I thought carrageenan was not a healthy food additive? Any comments?
DevoraPalatka, FL

Thanks for ruining a great product

This shake was one of the last shakes I could find that was both energizing, good for me (especially the non-gluten part), and helped me gain weight. I recently had 2 surgeries, and was looking forward to using orgain to get better. Had I known they were going to completely botch the formula, I would’ve ordered 10 cases beforehand.

But I order 3 cases a month ago… and they were so undrinkable i assumed we got a bad batch of spoiled ones. But there were 3 separate cases like this… with the individual drinks inside tasting ‘spoiled’. The expiration date seemed okay.

Well, now its clear that the product wasn’t spoiled… the formula was spoiled.

I’m just so, so disappointed. Orgain had become a major supplement towards my health and recovery process after an injury I sustained last year and was hoping it would continue to be so during my recovery phase after the surgery.

That’s the type of mindset this drink was created for, right? A doctor made it because he knew the need for healthy, essential amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and organic blends to help someone gain weight, especially if they’re been sick? A formula he concocted after beating cancer? Why not stick that??

Am very disappointed to see this cheap change destroy the product that the brand was about.
Why should anyone prefer this over any other pre-made drink other than its hypoallergenic aspects? Many of the younger, healthier guys who’re drinking this because it was simply better for you ounce for ounce than other mixes… well, good luck keeping them now. Especially with the huge change in taste. Just… augh. You can’t even get it down.

Am very sad to see such an amazing product be gutted without warning to its loyal consumers. If there really is a Doctor out there in charge of this company… well, I hope you still have a say in it, that you’re reading these reviews, and hopefully that you’ll evaluate your altered product for yourself and decide whether or not its something you would’ve preferred to the old orgain when you were recovering and rebuilding healthy mass. I imagine you would say – “no” – the old orgain was far more beneficial.

I’m now looking for a new supplement shake. Very sad to see the old Orgain go.

Anyone have any suggestions for other similar brands?

EunaEmporia, VA

Warning: the formulation changed!

I stock my shelves with Iced Cafe Mocha for unknown reasons any pack with an August 2013 expiry tastes like chalkly chocolate and the texture is thicker. I am trying to return my recent purchases. It is so frustrating. I really miss the original Iced Cafe Mocha. It was perfectly sweetened, tastes like real mocha and very satifying. Oh and it smells like mocha from Starbucks..yummmmm

I’m going to whole foods to check if they have the older ones (expiring June 2013).

AnnElba, NY

Quality COntrol Issues BUT Please read this

This drink is very good, and tastes great. The only issue, is that there have recently been spoiled drinks I have been receiving. I do love the drinks, and I am a loyal customer, but please be careful if you get any spoiled drinks. You can get very sick from them. Just be careful, and enjoy the healthy drinks! Thank you!
MauricioStockport, IA

From a Skeptic – Surprisingly Tasty

Tastes really great is is filling for up to two hours. I was very suspicious, but pleasantly surprised. Great to have in a pinch!
ValrieCape Neddick, ME

Orgain Sweet Vanilla Meal Replacement

Sweet Vanilla Bean RTD Meal Replacement – 11 oz – Liquid
I needed somthing that did not have too much sugar in it. This was perfect for me. I drink it when I loose my appetite or need a snack.
VanceGardners, PA

Orgain Iced Cafe Mocha

I suffer from Celiac Disease, a severe intolerance to gluten. I was thrilled to find Orgain after my diagnosis. It’s a quick, easy, healthy meal replacement that’s safe for me to have. And it tastes great! I often have one Orgain for breakfast and then eat at least two other balanced meals throughout the day. These are also very handy for travel and have, at times, been my lunch or dinner. LOVE!
RitaGoodridge, MN


I buy these drinks frequently, simply because I love the taste. I prefer the chocolate, but the vanilla is also great. They taste like a dessert without being overly sweet, and also don’t have a chalky aftertaste.
PattiJones, OK

Great for athletes!

My son is a competitive high school swimmer that practices more than 20 hours per week. He’s a very picky eater so I know he doesn’t get enough protein or calcium from regular food. After a lot of research I bought one of each flavor and he loved them all, especially the mocha. So now he has one every day after practice and said he can tell the difference in the way his muscles feel after a work out or how tired he is. I would recommend this to any athlete or parent of an athlete, as a great way to get the nutrition needed.
CarlitaButler, AL

Exp. date 07/ MAR/ 2012 should be OK, but curdled

Exp. date on case 07/MAR/ 12……….So it is not an out dated case. Amazon did replace the case that curdled. Thank you Amazon.
GusCosmopolis, WA

Needs to be added to the Amazon Subscription Plan!

This stuff tastes just like chocolate milk!! With the high protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it’s unbelievable how good this tastes! You almost feel like you’re drinking something bad for you, it’s so good! Amazon, PLEASE add this to your subscription program! I don’t ever want to run out!
JolandaIslesford, ME


I picked this up at a nutrition store and was impressed. Compared to anything else I have tried, this is by far the best. Muscle Milk compared to this tastes like a garbage chemical…
MelanieMansfield, SD

Sad they changed the formula

I was the biggest Orgain fan, purchasing many cases a month. They have recently changed the formula and the new taste is bad and very different. Also, they’ve removed the antioxidant complex. They also added a sweetener – Stevia which I don’t understand. Usually, sweeteners are added to make products taste better, not worse. I wish they’d wouldn’t have messed with a great thing.
CeolaElbe, WA

Best Protein Drink

Love this creamy chocolaty protein drink and so impressed with the ingredients. So healthy and tastes like chocolate milk. Not chalky. Filling and delicious. Now I want to try the vanilla flavor.
AngelikaJemez Pueblo, NM

The Best

I love to blend the chocolate with a couple frozen bananas to make a great chocolate smoothie. I only wish it was a little bit cheaper because I want to drink these every single day.
LeviHoboken, NJ