Orgain Iced Cafe Mocha

Designed To Taste Great! Please Always Check The Ingredients Before Use

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Great addition to the Orgain flavor family.

I was eagerly waiting for orgain to put a new flavor out as soon as I heard about it. I’ve been on orgain for almost 2 years and I couldn’t be happier. I switch between the chocolate and vanilla often to mix things up but this iced mocha is a perfect blend. I’ve long given up coffee for health reasons so this is a close substitute. This doesn’t contain any caffeine as mentioned but you can still taste the mocha blend, which is a good thing. I would highly recommend trying this new flavor if you’ve enjoyed/liked the other variations of orgain!
GastonPoland, IN

Great Drink

This company was very cooperative and responded very quickly to my e-mails about the change in the formula. They are listening and will be bringing back the old formula in a few weeks. I loved this drink prior to the change and I am looking forward to trying them again when there are products available.
MelaniaWestport, SD

Check the expiration date!!!

This flavor is my second favorite flavor Orgain shake (chocolate is the best!). But beware if buying from sellers other than Amazon – make sure to check the expiration date when you receive the shakes. I received a carton that expired within a month of my order date (maybe not a big deal for some, but it takes me at least a couple months to finish a carton of these).
IrisPoplar Grove, AR


Ok, I was eagerly waiting for this flavor, so when I got it today I was so excited..until I took the first sip. Pretty disappointing I must say…both my husband and I felt sick to our stomachs after taking only a few sips. It has this bad cream taste. The chocolate flavor is delicious, and the vanilla flavor is pretty decent, but this is just yucky! I only gave it three stars because I love the company and the fact that orgain is such a great product. Stick to the other flavors though!
JackMarshall, WI