Organic Camano Island Coffee Roasters Brazil, Dark Roast, Ground, 16-Ounce Bags

Our Brazil is perhaps one of our most complex coffees. Its well defined caramel tones coupled with a finishing hint of spice give it a unique and addictive flavor. Rounding out the undertones of the coffee are nutty hints. Brazilian weather conditions are very unique and produce excellent Arabica naturals.

Quick facts

  • The most socially responsible, highest grade coffee on the market
  • Certified organic
  • Shade grown and fairly traded
  • Dark roast – reflects the smoky characteristics of the roast itself
  • Camano island coffee roasters commits to only carrying the highest grade green coffee available – the top 1% of the coffee market to be exact

Top reviews

delicious coffee

Great coffee, organic, shade grown, fair trade, and delicious–at an unbelievable price. It’s a LOT of coffee so I just freeze the extra. Bye bye starbucks–hello to homemade.
WindyPoplar, WI

Really Great, Full Flavored Coffee, Ground Fine

Wow, this is really great coffee. I generally like strong brews from Diedrich, Peets and Starbucks (and Timothy for the KCup) and was kind of reluctant to try this one as many brands end up being too weak or bitter for me. The Camano Island Brazil Dark Roast is finely ground and makes a strong cup of coffee that isn’t bitter at all. Plus, its organic! I have added this to my subscribe and save and the price is unbelievable for the quality. I enjoy it every bit as much as my usual brands, even more right now since its my new discovery.
LakieshaEphrata, WA

Authentically good!

I traveled to Brazil a couple of years ago and was astounded by how good the coffee was. I brought some home with me, but eventually ran out. I was pining for a cup of Brazilian brew when I decided to purchase this coffee online. I was not disappointed. It was so good, I shared one bag with my sister and another with a work colleague. It is authentically good Brazilian coffee!
ShizukoNelson, CA

Richly devine

Absolute best!! You cannot go wrong in any choice from this company! I am actually a local to Camano Island but have had a lot of different coffee from around the world. This coffee is so delicious and satisfying, I can’t get it enough! The sale price is a great price for what you get!
ShanaPowell, TN


Simply put, this is the best coffee that’s ever been brewed in my house. I’m buying 10 pound to give as Christmas presents.
YungShellman, GA

Good straight up coffee.

While I can’t define why I find myself addicted to this coffee I evidently am. I have been a heavy coffee drinker for 50 years and used to drink some coffees that today I would call swill but not this one. I ran out not long ago and had to drink a store bought brand and was getting desparate when my Camano Brazilian arrived.

I find it to be a very smooth satisfying taste without needing the sharp bite and almost burnt smokey taste of some coffees. I also can drink it all day without acid reflex which seems to be true with most organic coffees.

This is the first coffee I have ever signed up for auto shipping on and contrary to some other reviews I love the way it is packaged so I only have to open a pound at a time and of course I like the fact that is fair trade.

WanetaAlgona, IA

Organic Camano Island Brazil Dark Roast

Hi, bought the Camano Island Coffee and since it’s delivery have been enjoying it daily. Friends and family are enjoying it as well. Although my 85 year old father asked, “if the well had been acting up lately” when he first started drinking the Brazil Dark roast.
I’m looking forward to trying other products by the Camano Island Coffee Roasters group.
JanineEverton, AR

Not so good

I order this based on the good reviews but sadly, I do not agree. This coffee does not appeal to me. It does not taste very good and it seems to upset my stomach. I love dark roast coffee but this coffee lacks that deep rich flavor. One of my favorites is Starbucks Italian roast.
BelvaBeverly, KY

Not dark enough for me

This is good coffee, but it is not what I would consider a deep dark roast. Even with close to twice the usual amount, the flavor is not robust. I’m not unhappy that I have it though, because it is organic at a great price. It is not bad, just not as dark as I prefer.
AnnikaManley, NE

Good, but not amazing

There are reviews here that rave about this coffee. I don’t find myself raving. It is good coffee, and it has no bitterness, I truly appreciate this. Is it amazing and am I hooked for life? No. It is good. I live in a rural area and have limited access to exceptional coffee, this made me curious to try this. But it is only a bit better than the grocery store coffee I have purchased. It is organic and fair trade and these are selling points for me. I found the packaging curious, a thin sealed plastic bag inside of a brown paper bag, I felt that it could have lost some of its amazing-ness by not being properly airtight. It had absolutely no aroma upon opening. Odd. Once again, it is good coffee and no bitterness is evident, but my praise ends there.
LeonLuray, TN