Organic Grass Fed Beef Heart ONE

Grass Fed Organic Beef Heart comes in 1 to 2 pound packages depending on the size of the heart. PRICE INCLUDES (ONE Beef Heart)

Quick facts

  • Certified 100% Organic Grass Fed and Finished Beef, NO hormones, NO steroids and NO antibiotics ever.
  • Processed in a USDA Certified Organic Processing Plant to insure that all livestock are processed according to Certified Organic Standards. Dry Aged 14 to 21 Days.
  • Largest Certified Organic Ranch in the USA. Allowed unrestricted room to roam, receive humane treatment and are never raised in a feedlot.
  • Livestock are raised using Sustainable Agricultural Practices that assure the land remains in its natural state, free from herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
  • Organic Grass Fed and Finished Beef is Leaner, contains more beneficial Omega-3 Acids and has a Greater Beef Flavor than corn fed beef.

Top reviews


My husband and I love heart. This producer ships quickly and the meat arrives still frozen solid. We thaw one a week and slow-braise them with fabulous gravies (usually including sliced apples) but heart is also good cooked on the grill and kept pink inside. There are many good recipe ideas on the internet. My only tips would be to not get too crazy trying to cut away all the meat from the silver-skin and tubules – in other words, there will be a lot of meat still attached to the bits you throw out (but the dogs will eat it all up!) and also to have your knives really sharp. Even with throwing out quite a bit, you will still be left with enough good meat to serve at least 6 adults. If you’ve never tried heart – give it a go! It is considered muscle meat rather than organ meat like kidneys or liver and is very flavorful with a pleasant chewy texture. Check out You-Tube for cleaning and slicing instructions.
CristalPhoenix, AZ