Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea 18 Bags Per Box 3 Boxes

Tulsi Sweet Rose tea became our best seller overnight. It’s unlike anything on the market-fragrant, tantalizing, and deeply feminine. We combed the world to find organic rose petals to create this special tea and we can taste the difference. This delicate blend of Tulsi leaves and organic rose petals, finely balanced with the soothing power of chamomile, the natural sweetness of organic stevia leaf, and a touch of lemon myrtle is a rich treat for your senses. You will feel genuine restoration from your first sip! Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) is a powerful healing herb that has been revered for centuries in India for its power to relieve stress and boost the body’s natural immune system. ORGANIC INDIA is the first company to bring Tulsi to the West as an organic tea. We work with thousands of farmers in India to cultivate the herb using environmentally sustainable methods, restoring vitality to the earth and dignity to its people. In India, Rose is called ‘The Lotus of the Heart’ and is said to increase love and devotion.

Quick facts

  • Many of the potential health advantages Tulsi can provide you, by:
  • Providing you with a calming effect and stress relief
  • Boosting your digestive system health*
  • Metabolism Aid*
  • Rejuvinating*

Top reviews

Exotic, amazing tea

I got a free sample of this tea at a local health food store several months ago, and tonight I finally tried it. I was with a group of women and girls at a restaurant, and we were all wowed over the scent of the tea bag. I got hot water and made the tea, and several of us tried it. It’s wonderful!
The tea was faintly sweet, but on first taste it was almost medicinal. As I continued to drink, that impression went away. The tea was fragrant, and surprisingly rich. Well, rich makes me think of chocolate pudding, so maybe that’s not the right word. This tea is really delicious. I almost sucked the tea bag when the tea was gone!
It’s been more than an hour since I got home, and the tea is still with me. It leaves a lingering memory and a pleasant aftertaste.
Definitely a keeper. Too bad the store is closed tomorrow. The tea sells at my local store for about $4.50 plus tax, for a box of 18 bags.
If you like herbal teas, try this. I plan on trying all the Tulsi teas my local store carries, and I may mail order the rest if the ones I try are as good as this.
MichelCuba, NY