Organic Mantova 100 % Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.5 Oz

Mantova Organic 100 % Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is high quality oil produced by selecting carefully best varieties of Italian oils. Mantova organic has a fruity flavor, almond aroma, peppery after taste. Olio Mantova is produced without pesticides and is “Certified Organic”.

Quick facts

  • Certified Organic
  • 100 % Italian organic olive oil
  • Mantova organic has a fruity flavor
  • Almond aroma
  • Peppery after taste

Top reviews

Great stuff, very reasonably priced!

I was fortunate to receive a gift of Mantova Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from one of my customers for Christmas last year. Truly one of the best I’ve used, without the odd aftertaste that accompanies so many inferior brands. Couldn’t even talk myself into finishing a newly opened bottle of Brand X, which I dumped in favor of the far more flavorful Mantova.
MairaWetmore, MI