Organic Pu’erh Loose Leaf Tea, 3 ounce

The USDA Certified Organic leaf Pu’erh tea has the body and character of black tea but its the medicinal properties that are thought to be present that set it apart. In China this tasty tea has long been used as a powerful digestive aid and natural detoxifier. But even more remarkable is the suggested cholesterol lowering benefits that have been experienced by so many.

Quick facts

  • Full body, similar in taste to black tea
  • 3 ounce makes 40 eight ounce cups
  • USDA Certified Organic loose leaf specialty teas
  • Reseal pouch keeps freshness in, is great for storing, and includes brewing tips
  • BONUS, two tea samples included with every purchase, FREE

Top reviews

Tastes like grass

REAL organic pu-erh which has been aged and fermented does not taste like grass. When it is steeped, it should turn deep red and have a nice black tea flavor. It should also not need much sweetening when steeped correctly.

I do not reccommend this tea at all as I do not believe it is the real thing. Go to […] and get the REAL thing!

StewartButte Falls, OR

Good tea for the price

I really enjoy this type of tea and for the money this was a good deal. I prefer the more aged tea that is even stronger but it is more expensive. So I tried this less aged variety and was happy with what I got but if you can afford the more expensive aged variety go for it.
ArmandinaWinnisquam, NH