Organic Ti Kuan Yin Slimming Oolong Tea – Loose Leaf – 16oz

Our Organic Ti Kuan Yin Slimming Oolong Loose Leaf Tea is a light sweet tea with a fragrant orchid aroma. This delicious tea is also known for promoting weight loss!

Quick facts

  • Organic Ti Kuan Yin Slimming Oolong Tea
  • A light sweet tea
  • This tea produces a fragrant orchid aroma
  • This delicious tea is also known for promoting weight loss!
  • 16 oz package of loose leaf tea

Top reviews

Good Ti Kuan Yin

This is good Ti Kuan Yin (Oolong) tea. It’s well packed, and the leaves are clean. It’s not in the league of the truly select Ti Kuan Yin teas out there. It’s a bit more subdued on the palate, and doesn’t have the deep, earthy aroma that the very best of the variety have.

Still, I give it 4 stars. 1) Because it’s a pleasant tea, easy to drink daily. 2) The price, especially considering that it’s organically grown, is terrific. It’s a great value!

I doubt that it’s “slimming” at all. If you want to get slim, eat less and move around more! But it’s a nice tea, if you enjoy Oolong.

DomenicaWestbrook, ME


I feel that this Ti Kuan Yin tea has more of a toasted flavor than most. I prefer my Ti Kuan Yin to taste much closer to a green tea.

The price is great for this tea, just not exactly what I am looking for.

MargaretaCream Ridge, NJ

A delightful, gently flavored oolong

Please understand: I’m NOT expert on the varieties of Oolongs but this is my ordinary favorite — delicious, satisfying, always.

I gave up drinking coffees about 35 years ago when news reports said scientific studies (since refuted) showed that people who drank more than 5 cups of coffee a day had double the risk of heart attacks. Because my coffee intake at the time qualified me for 2X double, I switched to teas.

For many of these years, I’ve loved many loose leaf tea varieties (I HATE tea bag/tea container teas)–especially various estate Darjeelings, Keemuns, occasionally Lapsang Souchongs, often Assams when I wanted a 5 hr. energy boost, more often Gunpowders, Oolongs. But over the ensuing decades, my preference has gradually drifted to teas with less (theobromines) kick — to especially the Keemun, Oolongs, and green gunpowders.

Over those years, I bought all my loose leaf teas from Murchies in Canada. Only recently, since the Murchies company has changed hands, have I bought from other sources.

I AM well pleased with THIS Oolong. It’s as good as any I’ve ever had from Murchies.

IngeborgLitchfield, CT

Pretty Good

I have to agree with the last review. It is a pleasant tea but I prefer it to be a little darker and less green. It is better than the Ti Kuan Yin that I got from Numi but it doesn’t compare to what I get from Wegmans. Wegman’s Ti Kuan Yin is 50 per pound. It is a good value but I feel I have to use more of it to get the flavor that I want. I tried to give it 3 and a half stars but could not.
GeorgeneGaryville, LA

Great for weight loss

I think it is one of the best values for organic oolong. I have been using this tea as oolong tea is recommended to boost the metabolism at a higher rate than other teas. I drink several large glasses a day and can tell the difference in feeling less bloated and am loosing inches. On the days I don’t have any, I can feel the difference. I started drinking oolong after reading in “the Younger Thinner You Diet” by Dr. Eric Braverman that it will increase one’s metabolism. It has a mild taste and love that it is organic.
MelanieCanaan, VT

Great Quality and Taste

I’ve tried a number of oolong teas and this is one of the first that actually is slimming and has a great taste. you can’t go wrong with this brand!
IsadoraMayhill, NM