Original Chia Goodness Cereal

Original Chia Goodness Cereal (All Raw!) 12 oz.

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  • Original Chia Goodness Cereal (All Raw!) 12 oz.

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Great Tasting Healthy Cereal!

I’ve been looking for a cereal without sugar of any kind which is very hard to find first of all. I also wanted it to be gluten & lactose free while being a excellent source of fiber which this is. It’s made up of chia seeds & also has hemp & buckwheat seeds in it. I’ve read that Chia seeds have five times more calcium than milk & more Omega 3 than flax or salmon. There’s 6 grams of protein in just 2 tablespoons which is considered a serving size since when you add liquid, it bulks up and can be eaten cold or hot. I use almond milk and a little stevia in mine & it’s quite filling. I probably sound like an advertisement but I just saw that its offered now on Amazon and since I’ve been so happy w/this product, I wanted to be the first to leave a review. I notice this company also offers other chia cereals w/different flavorings but I haven’t tried since they have small amts of sweetener added.
MercyHarrison, MI