Original Razzles Gum Candies 24 pk.

Original Razzles Gum 24 pack. RAZZLES ORIGINAL BUBBLE GUM CANDY. Each pack delicious razzles candy. First it’s candy then it’s gum! Flavors include LEMON, RASPBERRY, GRAPE, ORANGE, & BLUEBERRY. Just like when you were a kid, and just as fresh too!

Quick facts

  • Original Razzles Gum 24 pack

Top reviews

They are all gone!

I wish you could still purchase these in stores, the kids go a bit crazy with a box of 24.
BrunaBranch, MI

Candy or gum?

I have a vague memory of the package asking us to send in an essay saying whether Razzles was a candy or a gum (early 70’s).
JodieNew Berlinville, PA