Orijen Regional Poultry and Fish Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food, .88lb

Feed your cat what your cat would like to eat! That is the way to keep your kitty happy and satisfied. This grain free dry cat food is exactly what any cat would want. Your cat wants free run chicken, turkey, whole eggs, and fish. The free run chicken ensures that the chicken had a good life therefore making this a guilt free meal! Your cat will love all the protein that comes from the ingredients in this food.

Quick facts

  • No grains or plant oils
  • Keeps coat shiny
  • Supports immune health
  • Made with free run chicken and turkey, wild caught fish and nest laid eggs
  • Biologically Appropriate

Top reviews


this cat food is one of the best around and really deserves a five star rating! However, the cost on the web is outrageous! I paid $9 for a trial package on this site because I wanted to see if my cats would eat this before I spend $42 on a full size bag. Just after my purchase arrived, I found the same product at a small specialty pet shop for $3 and the full size bag was only $16. Needless to say I will continue to purchase this food for my cats because the quality of this product is so good. But I will be getting it local now. My only wish from Orijen is that they could come up with a wet food and preferrebly in the form of pate’.
JamaalAdona, AR

Seems very healthy, too bad kitty doesn’t like

Okay, so my cat gets the best food money can buy – No grocery store stuff. I really thought he’d fall in love with this brand, but he did not. However, I do believe it is healthy and made with care.
UnImnaha, OR

My cat loves it…

I wanted to try this because I knew this product is sold in Canada which is where i will be moving back to.. And i am very happy with it.. My cat loves it.. and i know it is good for him.. So i would purchase this for him over anything else.. I wish they would also come up with wet cat food too..
MargrettCongers, NY

Cats like it.

I mixed this food in with my cats regular food and they ate it up. I buy high protein cat food, grain free and I probably will order this again.
JoseSouthborough, MA

Best Cat Food On The Planet

My cat issues are completely gone. No more vomiting, no more hairballs, no more urine crystals, no more vet bills!

Nothing but fantastic results from this dry food. Far less shedding with exceptional coat and eyes.

DayleWalnut Grove, MN