Ortho 0464510 Ant Stop Bait 3 Per Card

Kills the queen and the colony. Kills both sweet and grease eating ants. Discrete design. Avtive ingredient: 0.25% Propoxur.

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My daughter is allergic to nuts. Just in case the little critters track peanutbutter into the house I couldn’t use it. Anaphylaxis to nuts is no laughing matter. Waste of money. Gave it to my gardener just to get it out of the house.
JustinaEnfield, NC

Ants don’t seem to like it

The ants I got in my apartment don’t seem to be interested in the bait, I’ve not seen a single one entering the trap and I watched them for a while & multiple times.
LovettaOdessa, MN

Does not attract ants into it.

The ants (very small ones) seem uninterested in the bate and run right by it, completely uninterested. Get boric acid/sugar baits instead. Note: A large container of boric acid was only $4 at OSH (hardware store). Search online for how to make boric acid ant bait.
KylieOpheim, MT

My ants must not like peanut butter.

These baits are peanut butter-based, as it says on the can. The ants I have seem to be drawn to sugary things, but they leave these baits alone. I’m going to try another type; I know some ants are drawn to some traps so I think it’s mostly a matter of trying different kinds until I find one that these particular ants like to eat.
LonnaLacombe, LA

I’m the oddball here?

These baits actually worked GREAT for several years in a row on ants entering my kitchen near the front door – ants which would end up crawling all over the dish of dry cat food I had sitting on the floor in my kitchen (located near the front door). But then I ran out, couldn’t find these baits in ANY store near me, and ended up buying other brands of ant baits – none of which have yet to work or even put a dent in my ant problem like this one did, and quickly.

I can’t really say if these Ant B Gone baits would work this year on my ant problem (same area – dry cat food dish on the floor in the kitchen), but my assumption is yes, unless the ants I have this year are different, so no ant baits will work this year?…don’t know. But since I have cats, I would worry working with liquids and powders.

ArvillaKremmling, CO

Does not work at all

We tried these baits over the past two weeks and seem to have far more ants now than we did before. These baits are absolutely worthless. We live in the Pacific Northwest, so maybe the ants are different?
BlairGoodell, IA

Doesn’t work

I’ve tried this one year. Bought the 3 traps and placed a fresh one out every few months. The ant problem never went away.
EladiaStrawberry Point, IA