Ortiz Anchovies

By far the best anchovies available, these, from Spain, are fished in the springtime, aged for more than six months, filleted one by one, and packed by hand. Meaty, tender, sweet and salty, they’ll make anyone an anchovy lover.

Quick facts

  • best anchovies available
  • fished in the springtime/aged for more than six months
  • filleted one by one/packed by hand
  • Meaty, tender, sweet and salty
  • Product of Spain / New weight:55 grams

Top reviews

Prepared Anchovy jar from Amazon.

This product is rated at the top of every food review for its taste and substance integrity. Its taste alone or use in cooking or salads is excellent and in agreement with the experts. While its cost is a multiple of the grocery store brands, the superiority of the product make it a good value.
JackelynEagle Lake, TX