Orville Redenbacher Cheddar Cheese Microwave Popcorn, 18 Ounce Boxes

Orville Redenbacher’s Cheddar Cheese gourmet popping corn.

Quick facts

  • 100% whole grain

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Try at home, not at work

Bought the 3-pack at a local store (I know this the 6-pack but they’re all the same, duh). Popped a bag this morning at work and my co-workers didn’t like the ‘strong’ smell. Won’t be buying again for this reason.

It doesn’t taste that bad, but the artificial cheddar flavoring has a characteristic aroma that reminds me of a musty textbook from school (to my nose, that is).

IMO Smart Balance is the best choice, especially with their patented blend. Any microwave popcorn isn’t suitable for those in need of watching his/her sodium, as they are all high. Just that Smart Balance has the best buttery taste to me.

That said, you should take my advice and try it at home–even those where I work don’t like the smell of buttery popcorn in the morning.

One last note–why don’t they have natural flavoring? Common sense–dairy would spoil and make you very sick. Enough said.

RainaHarrisburg, MO

We all really like the cheddar popcorn

I don’t know if I just happen to get really good batches of this stuff, but my family all really likes the cheddar popcorn. I am surprised by all of the negative reviews. We can’t be the only ones who like it because it’s often sold out on Amazon. I buy the cheddar and butter flavors for our Saturday night family movie night and my husband often takes a bag of the cheddar to eat at work.
NildaSinton, TX

Discontinued, I found a (decent) substitute

I was very sad when I found out this was discontinued, it’s my favorite popcorn! After much trial and error I found a way to replicate the flavor pretty well. Take a bag of the powdered cheese sauce mix out of a box of Annie’s macaroni and cheese and mix it with around 6 Tbsp oil and stir. Pour over hot popcorn and voila! I have tried a few other brands besides Annie’s but they haven’t worked out as well. Kraft was the worst, they must put thickening agents in their powered cheese because when I mixed it with oil got REALLY thick and gross. I put it on the popcorn anyway, and it made it taste slimy. I’ve only tried this with Annie’s cheddar and white cheddar flavors, but I think it would taste good with others. I put this mixture on the cheddar cheese popcorn Orville made to replace the cheddar cheese pour over. It requires a teeny bit more effort, but it’s worth it if you REALLLLLY loved the cheddar cheese pour over. I hope this helps!

Annie’s Homegrown Totally Natural Shells & Real Aged Cheddar Mac & Cheese, 6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

HollyFranklin, AL


I have had an Amazon Subscription for Orville Redenbacher Pour Over Cheddar popcorn for a very long time because I really enjoyed it; when I was notified it would no longer be available, I ordered the Cheddar Cheese Microwave Popcorn that was recommended, but was fairly disappointed by it. It lacks the texture and also the essential flavour of the other, so I will not be renewing my subscribe and save. This product is powdery and rather dry, but flavourful enough; but it isn’t quite what I’m looking for.
DeanePeace Dale, RI

Zero stars would be generous

Yellow grease with a faint hint of bad butter and absolutely no cheese flavor or redeeming value what-so-ever. If you’re starving, go for the dirt instead.
KizzySeminole, FL

Once you’ve had the Pour over cheddar…

Once you have had the pour over cheddar brand, no other cheddar popcorn will satisfy you. The pour over had much more flavor than this brand. Unfortunately, I can’t find the pour over brand in any store and now Amazon no longer offers it. So, I don’t eat popcorn anymore. Does anyone know why the pour over is no longer available?
SaundraDepauville, NY

Strawberry POPCORN!! Go figure!

I just bought this at the store trying to get my cheesy snack and both my wife and I thought it had a taste of a greasy strawberry with a hint of butter. HORRIBLE. I cannot believe this product is even sold??? Who in their right mind thinks this even tastes anything like cheddar?
KayleneEdwards, MS

Cant go back

Well I’m disgusted with Orville Redenbacker for canceling the pour over cheddar popcorn as with all the other reviewers maybe the pour on’s were to expensive and people wanted more for there money so they bought the regular instead. I have seen in Sam’s wholesale were you can buy liquid butter if you want to pour on your popcorn for better taste because after you eat one of the pour overs you just cant go back to the cheaper styles. I wonder why they don’t do the same for cheese? If any body knows were I can find it let me know!
IdaCarlisle, IA

1 star is far too generous a rating!

I am not sure on what planet this would be considered cheddar flavored popcorn, but I can assure you it’s not on the planet Earth. It has a bizarre oily flavor that has a bit of a twang to it. I can’t describe it except to say it is not cheddar or any other kind of cheese and it’s not good. In fact it’s really rather gross. No one in my family enjoyed it and after popping one bag, the rest are headed for their final resting place in some garbage dump somewhere.

Cherise Everhard, October 2010

EunLondon, TX

Don’t Buy!

ConAgra has made a hugh mistake by discontinuing the Pour Over Cheddar. This new O.R. cheddar cheese popcorn is like eating those peanuts used for shipping fragile items. Don’t waste your money on this orange yuk. I wanted to give it zero stars!
DanieleAlpine, AL

Flavorless Orage Grease Popcorn

I think the title of my review accurately reflects what this product should be called. The cheese has no flavor to it. I would call it orange butter, but even butter has a distinct flavor. This is no different from regular popcorn except you get orange grease on your hand as you eat it.

If you’re looking for cheese popcorn, don’t get this. It has no cheese taste to it at all.

VanettaHighspire, PA

Completely flavorless

So disappointed. This has absolutely no cheddar flavor, hardly any saltiness, basically tastes like air-popped popcorn with an aftertaste. I adore cheese popcorn so this was a huge letdown.
CordellLattimore, NC


Just popped a bag of this popcorn. I was excited because i love cheddar popcorn. I opened the popped bag and dug in. Only to find that the popcorn didn’t taste anything like cheddar. I can’t even describe what it tasted like. Kinda antiseptic..ewww, it’s awful. Through out the whole bag.
CoralieStill River, MA

Delicious, but have a napkin available!

We ordered this without reading reviews, and probably would not have ordered had we read the reviews first. However, not ordering would have been a mistake; my wife and I both find this popcorn delicious! It has a good, buttery and cheddar cheese flavor along with good texture. This is now one of our favorite treats on home movie night. Just make sure you have a napkin, because the oil and cheese do coat your fingers a good bit.
GoldaHolliday, MO

Smells really, really, really bad.

I work in a rather fun office environment and I always get a little bit of a kick when I make this popcorn. You see the smell is just horrible (think dirty feet). But I love the expressions I get from my co-workers when I pop this in the microwave at work. They immediately start complaining that they feel light headed and will then usually crack a door open to air the smell out. Why do I keep eating this stuff? Because my parents keep mailing it to me in gift baskets (I live overseas). I don’t have the heart to tell them this popcorn is disgusting. I add Cheddar Cheese flavoring to this popcorn that comes in a little shaker, it makes the popcorn taste a little better.
TommieGold Beach, OR

where’s the cheese?

not good at all. The cheddar cheese consist of mostly grease and butter with very little cheese flavor. If your looking for cheese pop’s, dont buy this one.
BarrettRichfield, UT


I wish that I could rate this 0 stars. It’s like they took cheddar cheese, heated it up so that the oils would separate, and put the oil onto the popcorn. This stuff is AWFUL. Go eat just about anything besides this.
MagdalenaBalta, ND

Sure Wish I’d Read the Reviews First…

…but who’da thunk ya needed to read reviews on pop corn??

Orville Redenbacher Cheddar Cheese Microwave Popcorn. A long way from the days when our family used to pop corn on the stove in one pot, while melting butter and sharp cheese in another – to be poured over the popped corn. I’ll guarantee you though, if you’re old enough to remember doing it this way…you’ll be better off and much happier with the finished product than you will be with the O.R. cheddar flavoured microwave pop corn.

I fully intend to contact O.R. and request they refund me my money! The last time I was this disappointed in a microwave pop corn (no matter the brand) was when I accidentally left it in the mic too long and scorched it really bad.

DON’T BUY THIS FLAVOUR!! You’ve been duly warned. Only reason I gave this product one star is because the process won’t let me give it ZERO stars!

SetsukoHarlan, KY

Simply Awful

I feel it is almost irresponsible to NOT let people know the poor quality of this product. Look at all the bad reviews. Tasteless, gross and not a popcorn most people would eat even if it were free. That a major food company has this product on the market is hard to believe.
MuoiCreola, AL


I love popcorn, I love cheese, and both together can be awesome. But not this! This doesn’t taste like popcorn or cheese. I can’t believe they released this to market, it is truly horrible!!! Don’t waste your time, taste or money!!!
KasieHochheim, TX

POUR OVER CHEDDAR rules! This sucks!

Tried this as a substitute for the fantastic pour over cheddar popcorn, and I’m stuck with a flavorless, dull, lackluster sub by the same exact company. A rather poor substitute, indeed.
LionelPalo, MI

It’s certainly NOT even close to the pour over !!!

The Redenbacher company certainly dropped the ball when they discontinued the Pour Over Cheddar!! I gave this new Cheddar a try only because I couldn’t get the pour over anymore. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! It doesn’t can’t hold a candle to the original pour over!

We need to start a campaign to bring back THE BEST popcorn that was ever produced…Orville Redenbacher’s “Pour Over” Cheddar Popcorn!!

RyannMc Henry, MS

Just as horrible as everyone else says it is…

I was beside myself with excitement to find this popcorn at the local Stop & Shop! Brought it home, and gleefully took a pic to send to a popcorn-loving friend in the UK to make him jealous. Turned out the joke was on me, as this snack was beyond disappointing. My first inkling that I was not going to taste anything as remotely delicious as Smartfood was when I caught a whiff as I hovered over the microwave. I thought it might be a combination of nasty leftover smells and chemical cleaning fluids, but no… it was the popcorn. I sniffed in vain for any hint of cheddar aroma, alas, ’twas not to be. I opened the bag and out poured a cascade of product the color of cautionary traffic cones… I knew disillusionment was close at hand.

NO cheesy flavor. Barely even buttery. Saltier than usual. Just awful. I’m not sure I want to eat the other two bags. Even if I closed my eyes to the fetid fluorescence, my tongue and nose wouldn’t let me pretend it’s just plain buttery popcorn.

Another brand used to make a pretty good cheesy popcorn (maybe Pop Secret? Act II?), but it was discontinued for some bizarre reason. It CAN be done, but Orville fell flat on his face with this. Wish I had seen all these other reviews before I wasted the money.

TerrellPine Hill, AL


I’m always looking for quick, healthy, easy to make snacks for work. I love microwave popcorn and various cheeses therefore you can easily imagine my excitement upon discovering Orville Reddenbacher’s “New Flavor” Cheddar Cheese popcorn at the grocery store. After trying not one but all three bags over the past week, I have never been so sickeningly disappointed. I thought maybe the first bag was “stale or bad” so I tried the 2nd and 3rd with the same results. It doesn’t even taste like popcorn, let alone cheese. I tried a light sprinkle of salt but that made it worse. It tasted nasty.

From now on I’m only buying generic popcorn from Kroger, Marsh, or Aldis and adding my own seasoning.

JinDe Leon Springs, FL

They must have rushed it.

This is the worst popcordn I’ve ever tried. I was looking for some cheddar tang flavor, but this is pretty much as another person wrote. It tastes like someone dumped cheap oil over popcorn, and then sprinkled a teaspoon of some mac and cheese seasoning on it ever so lightly. Pour over cheddar was 10x as good. Zero cheddar flavoring at all in this, seriously, I threw away my bag after a bowl. The rest of the bags are going in the trash too…
TracieBridgeport, OR

Flavorless, fake cheese – eww

It is as if you took your generic store brand mac and cheese, took a teaspoon or less of the fake cheese powder, and sprinkled it over oily popcorn. Entirely inedible, not what I was looking for at all. Fake cheese taste, doesn’t pop up as nicely as other Orville products, and not what I would have expected from the Redenbacher label. Disappointing.
NatalieFoxworth, MS

False advertising?

I thought the other reviewers may have been jaded and it can’t be that bad. I mean I loved Orville Redenbacher’s pour over cheddar popcorn. Well I can’t believe they call this cheddar cheese popcorn. By far this is the worst cheese popcorn I have ever tasted. There is no cheese flavor, none at all. It’s not that bad of a butter popcorn but that’s not why I bought it. It’s a good thing I bought a box from the store before buying a case here. Not going to be eating the other 2 bags.
MichaHaworth, OK