Orville Redenbacher’s Pop-Up Bowl Movie Theatre Butter Microwave Popcorn, 3 – 2.9 oz bags per Box,

ORVILLE REDENBACHER’S: Simply Made. Passionately Created. Orville Redenbacher made it his life’s work to develop the perfect kernel decades ago, never compromising in his quest to perfect this simple little grain. This commitment to quality makes Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn the #1 popcorn and the favorite snack for so many families. Today, at Orville Redenbacher’s, this obsession with popcorn lives on within every single employee. Their unwavering attention to its quality and deliciousness is matched only by their passion for finding new, innovative ways to help people enjoy it.  They are excitedly dedicated. They are humorously obsessed. They are the family of Orville Redenbacher’s employees, and you can taste their commitment in every kernel of every product they make. The result of all this devotion is a wide range of incredible popcorn products that are: Simply Made; Passionately Created.   ABOUT CONAGRA Orville Redenbacher’s is a member of the ConAgra Foods family, one of the largest packaged foods companies in North America with major presence in retail outlets, foodservice and restaurants, and in ingredients. Our more than 70 brands–which include favorites such as Pam, Hunt’s, Healthy Choice, Wesson, Swiss Miss, Rotel, Peter Pan, Marie Callender’s, Hebrew National, Wolf Brand Chili, Rosarita, Egg Beaters, Chef Boyardee, and more–are in 96% of U.S. households, and more than 30% of ConAgra Foods brands are number one in their category.

Quick facts

  • Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn (Movie Theater Butter Flavored Popcorn) in Orville’s Award Winning Pop-Up Bowl! Sit back and enjoy the rich, buttery flavor just like at the movies!
  • Made with zero grams of trans fat (no trans fat) and 100% whole grain gourmet popping corn (popcorn) per serving.
  • Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn pops up in minutes to give you a delicious, light, and fluffy snack that is perfect anytime.
  • Popcorn is a delicious and healthful treat, is 100% whole grain, a good source of fiber, and free of trans fat.
  • Butter up the family with these delicious, whole-grain varieties everyone will love. No other snack draws a crowd like a warm, delicious bowl of popcorn. Pop a bag and get ready for company.

Top reviews

Sprayed orange grease all over the inside of the microwave

The pop-up bowl sounds like a great idea, but evidently they rushed it to market before all the bugs were out.

The first bag I cooked was fine, except the instructions for opening the bag are far from clear, and even after you figure out how to do it it’s a lot of trouble and makes a big mess.

But the second bag evidently sprang a leak – it sprayed bright orange grease all over the inside of my microwave, even into the tiny vent holes inside the top and side. I always watch popcorn carefully while it pops, but I could not see the grease spray until after it was done and I opened the door. Cleaning it all out was a horrible ordeal, and I’m sure everything I cook in the microwave will come out smelling like popcorn grease for weeks.

They released this product too soon. It needs serious redesign. I will not buy it again.

DevonGoshen, NJ

Will never buy again… not for small microwaves

I followed the directions (2.5min) and very few kernels popped before everything started burning. I usually pop Pop Secret Homestyle brand (4min) and it produces a few duds at the bottom but without any burning in my apartment sized microwave. Orville PopUp Bowl just didn’t pop. It just burned. And I tried 2 boxes before I threw everything out. No more Orville for me. Back to Pop Secret. Nice idea, epic failure in execution.
LouisaNorristown, GA

Good idea but this design didn’t work well……

First off; I love Pop Secret Homestyle butter popcorn. To me it’s as close to movie theater buttered popcorn I’ve ever found. Still; I keep a look-out for new ideas like this one. The ‘bowl’ idea appealed to me. Sadly; the design failed to open properly and I had to cut it open. The popcorn inside was buttery but mediocre in flavor. Definately; not my Pop Secret Homestyle! I’m sorry this didn’t work out for me. Somebody will like it though. Different strokes for different folks; that what my dear Dad has always told his children. I’m laying in a huge supply of Pop Secret Homestyle and buying a new bowl to put the cooked popcorn in. Sure; I’m still on the look-out for that perfect theater taste. I’ll have to keep looking and tasting. I’m sorry this didn’t even come close and the newly designed bag that opens from the side (mimicking a bowl but it’s still a bag); just doesn’t work.
LourdesStratford, OK

Not real impresed with this thing.

It might be just this one flavor, since the other flavors seem to be getting good reviews. My bowl popped, but the bottom layer of popcorn was burnt. I was paying attention, too. I followed the instructions on the bag to the letter. The unburnt kernels on the top came out fluffy and coated in a butter that I am absolutely positive is not good for me (tasted good, though). Another caveat, though: when I went to rip off the plastic film, it did not pull off like magic as in the ads. The right side came up, then I had to fight with the left side (but carefully, so as not the rip off the entire side of the bowl). Then I had the “bowl,” which is shaped uncomfortably like an upside down paper hat from a fast food joint. On the whole, the popcorn that came out right was tasty, but I’d still rather pop it on the stove and then dump it into a mixing bowl myself.
LeannaScotia, CA


All the bags dripped butter all over my microwave and everywhere else as I rushed it to the sink. It did not peel back easily either. Very messy, less popped corn, and had to use a bowl anyway
FrankConda, ID

Pop Up Bowl is Terrible

The bowl bag does not pop in the same amount of time as a normal bag so it makes your microwave’s popcorn button useless. Additionally, about half of the bags are faulty and open when popping resulting in very little popped popcorn. Last, I have found it almost impossible to get the bag to pop completely even when watching it pop (since I can’t use the popcorn button!). Overall, this new bowl design is terrible and I would recommend switching to another brand until they go bag to the old bags that work.
EloisCharles City, IA

Great idea, works well

I was hesitant to try this as other reviews mentioned that they had trouble getting all the kernels to pop. I’m using a GE Profile Microwave and it comes out perfectly for me, the directions say 2-2.5 minutes, but it said to listen for the popping to slow down. I found 2 mins and 15 seconds to be perfect. The bowl that was formed was sturdy and great for me now I don’t have to wash the oily/butter grease off the bottom of the bowl I would have regularly dumped the popcorn into.

As far as taste goes, these are definitely a lot saltier than the movie theater butter snack sizes by Orville Redenbacher, I would prefer less salt but these still taste good.


After going through about 5 of these I wanted to mention that the popping time is not very consistent, so you really do need to do as the instructions say and wait till the popping slows down or else you’ll burn them. The popping time has varied from exactly 2 minutes to 2 minutes and around 25 seconds for me. Once its done I’ve found if you grab it from the edges and shake it up and down really hard a couple of times it helps a LOT to mix the butter and salt inside so everything is evenly coated. Also after eating several of these I’ve found the salt content is fine, it’s not too much like I noted earlier.

WaldoAleknagik, AK