Oskri Fig Bar, 0.88-Ounce Bars

Oskri makes snacks without any artificial chemicals, preservatives, or additives. None of the products contains refined sugar, and the majority is gluten-free. Though Oskri started marketing its snacks as gluten-free in the last five years, the company’s commitment to nutritious foods has led the business to rely primarily on whole ingredients such as nuts, seeds, fruit, and natural sweeteners. Oskri’s first snack product was the sesame bar with date syrup. Later, sesame bars with fennel were created. Over time, Oskri has expanded its snack offerings to include fruit bars; almond bars; protein bars; and coconut bars, one of its most popular products. The coconut bar is available in a variety of flavors including mango, pineapple, and chocolate.

Quick facts

  • Naturally good tasting fig
  • Snack size serving
  • All-natural and Gluten Free
  • Great for lunches
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews


My voice teacher gave me one of these and I thought they were amazing. I am going to buy a whole bunch of them now.
EviePerryville, AR

The bars are a lot smaller than expected.

I was disappointed in the size of the fig bars. I received some as a gift in the past, and they were three times the size of these bars. The ones I received here, look like they are bite size, fun size, or children’s size. I think I was misled by the image shown of this product. I think it would have helped to show a horizontal picture of the bar. Also, maybe put in the description that these are “fun size” fig bars so people know they are not the normal size they should be.

On a good note, these bars are very tasty. I will just have to make sure I order the correct size next time.

JacquiGoodwater, AL

Bitter and Sour

I love figs, fresh and dried, and I’ve loved every Oskri product I’ve tried…until this one. The expiration date says 2012, but either I had a bad batch or these bars were intended to taste very bitter and sour. They’re not sweet at all and even kind of burned in my throat on the way down. I am not in any way a picky eater, but this is definitely one of the worst foods I’ve ever experienced. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
LachelleNorth Bonneville, WA

Good figs

I love real figs and really wanted to be able to have some small size “healthier” snacks to carry with me when I travel. Love the size and how they are wrapped so well. It is great to just throw these in my computer bag, suitcase or purse when I head out the door. Even though I love so many of Oskri’s products, these are not my all time favorite; yet I’m not quite sure why. I like figs as an ingredient in other bars and when they are fresh. I think what these are missing are the little seeds like regular figs have and I personally love the little seeds.

All in all these bars are really handy and quite good if you like figs – without the seeds. Another real bonus besides the small snack size is the packaging. Packaging like this is great to keep on a shelf in our house or to keep at work. Makes healthy snacking easy – just keep bottom open and grab-and-go. Snacks like these would be great to have around for kids because the size isn’t so large (reduce risk of obesity) and the packaging looks really appealing and fun – so kids would be more inclined to grab these instead of candy.

LouanneBenedict, NE

Yummy Figs!

These are great little bars to snack on. Great for taking along to school or work. They are pretty good tasting and just the right size. I have consumed about six boxes of these over the last year and found them to be consistent in quality. They are slightly moist and not overly sweet like figs should be. If you are looking for a substitute for candy bars, these will do the trick. Nothing but figs, no crust.
KatherynMontgomery, TX