Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky, 2-8oz bags

Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerkey, 2-8oz bags

Quick facts

  • Delicious Pacific Gold Beef Kerky made from top round steak
  • Made with pride in the USA
  • Two 8 ounce resealable bags to ensure freshness
  • No preservatives, no artifial ingreditnes, and 97 percent fat free
  • Good source of protein, 9 grams per serving

Top reviews

Not gluten free!

I am sure that the jerky would have been great, but apparently they have changed their recipe lately and it now contains soy sauce, so it is not gluten free anymore.

Shipping was fast, though!

BrooksSatellite Beach, FL

Pretty good Jerky!

This is very good Jerky, it’s not the best I’ve had (hence the 4 stars), but it is quite good… I would recommend it. however, Amazon’s price is kinda high, especially considering (at the time of this review) they charge shipping! you can get (2) 8 oz packs ( 1 lb.) from Costco for $12!
OlivaNorman, IN

Best Beef Jerky Ever

I used to get this at Costco, but there isn’t a Costco where I live now. I bought some other jerky at the grocery store once when I was craving it and was very disappointed, so I was thrilled to find this online alternative. This is the best jerky ever. You can’t go wrong with Original Pacific Gold Beef Jerky!
YeseniaBerlin, NH


It’s hard to find a really good jerky. Some are really expensive! But, Pacific Gold is great tasting, chewable, reasonably priced, and extremely enjoyable. I’ve even given it as Christmas presents and it was greatly appreciated. As a matter of fact, one of those receivers of the gift was over one evening and started hunting for our stash. We did share, but stingily.
MeridethPurling, NY


This is hands down the best beef jerky that you can get from a store. It is always fresh and flavorful. I suggest this to everyone!
LeannSouth Bristol, ME

Have some of the Best!

Being a former Californian, now living in Switzerland. You really do miss some of the small things in life, and good tasting beef jerky is one of them. Now if I can just keep the bag away from my Swiss wife, I just might be able to have some, and I should have ordered more! All the best to Pacific Gold for a good product.
AnniceMarilla, NY

taste/quality has suffered since oberto take over

once upon a time this was good jerky. Oberto bought them out several years ago and the taste has gone way downhill. I’m also old enough to remember when oberto actually made good jerky. Too bad
ReggieFairbury, IL

best < $1 per ounce beef jerky

while i prefer pepper jerky to regular smoke jerky, when i do find these 2x8oz bags at costco on sale for $11-12 i always stock up since this is far better than the fatty over salted worlds kitchen jerky often found cheap here on amazon. pacific gold is an even balance of beef salt oil smoke, with uniform texture beef:fat ratio palm size chewy pieces with rarely any gristle. golden valley jerky on amazon and on their own web sight is noticeably leaner in fat than pacific gold, but it’s rare to find that brand under $1/oz as it’s also organic USA domestic meat.
OliverJasper, GA

Good quality, good taste, price could be better

The Pacific Gold jerky is much better in terms of taste and quality than the cheaper bulk packages available on Amazon and elsewhere. The cheaper brands make heavy use of MSG, preservatives, and spices. The result is like having a chewy, spicy, chemistry lab in your mouth. Pacific Gold tries to balance cost and quality and does a pretty good job of it. The packages I bought state that the jerky is made of beef that comes from one or more of five countries: U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Uruguay. The Pacific Gold label says there is no “added” MSG, but it does not say there is no MSG. The Pacific Gold flavor is credible — you can taste beef (and like it) as well as brown sugar and hickory flavoring and there is no distracting chemical taste. The only product I have found so far on Amazon that is in a similar quality/price bracket is Golden Valley’s non-organic line. Golden Valley is a little less expensive than Pacific Gold, especially if you subscribe. The last time I read Golden Valley’s package it stated that the jerky was made of U.S. beef raised without hormones. Golden Valley recently raised the price of the product I like substantially, but even after the price increase it is competive in its quality bracket.
KatharineRayville, MO