Pacific Natural Foods Light Sodium Organic Soup, Creamy Tomato, 32-Ounce Cartons

This soup is made with fresh tomato, ripened by the sun on a farm we know and trust. The warmth of summer is captured in its sweet, delicious nature. Pureed with a hint of cheddar cheese to balance out the sweetness of the tomato with nearly half the sodium as the original. Dip your grilled cheese into a steaming hot cup on a cold, winter day. Or serve cool. Top with freshly chopped tomato, cucumber and mint for a refreshing summertime twist.

Quick facts

  • Kosher Dairy (D)
  • Is low fat
  • Is free from soy
  • Is free from wheat
  • Is free from yeast

Top reviews

scary, not sure what happened, manufacturing problem maybe

I have used Pacific Natural soup products before, and bought a case of these to try the organic creamy tomato. I had these in my cabinet for one month after receiving them in good condition from Amazon, and one of them exploded in the case! They had been stored at room temperature, and it’s not that hot in SF. I was a bit disturbed by what type of conditions in the box would have caused such an explosion (out of the top of the box, and it got all over everything), so i threw the entire 10 unused boxes away. the one box i had consumed, was very mild tasting, but good (thus the 2 stars). i don’t think i’ll be puchasing these again, since ive never had a commercially packaged product contaminated w bacteria (most likely) before. i can a lot of foods, so i’m always careful about processing -at a minimm, there may be a quality control problem, since the shipping and packaging appeared solid. Yikes!
TrinidadGlandorf, OH

“Lower”, not “low” sodium

Pacific Natural is a great brand and Light Sodium Organic Creamy Tomato Soup is a winning product. It is a rich, flavorful, smooth soup. A bowl of this is a tasty and convenient way to have one of the five daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.

I take off one star because I have recently begun counting my sodium intake and this soup often puts my daily total over. I’m just trying to not exceed the normal, recommended amounts of sodium, nothing drastic. I wish Pacific Natural Foods would sell a version of their soups with no added salt, at all. We could carefully add our own salt, or not. Actually, it would be perfect if they made a “super light sodium” version with 50% less salt than this, the “50% less salt” version. I could have it every day.

This has 380 mg per 1 cup serving. This is a lower amount than the regular Organic Creamy Tomato by Pacific Natural Food, which has a whopping 750 mg per cup. For those who aren’t watching their sodium, both of these soups will be good. But, I bought the “Low Sodium” version because of an interest in keeping daily sodium intake within recommended healthy levels. Comparing it to frozen “healthy” entrees, this has more sodium than some “main dishes”. As a side dish, this has a significant amount of added salt.

For watching calories and nutrients (like sodium) there’s a great, free website at “”. Users can list every thing eaten and it calculates the fat, protein, sugar carbohydrates and sodium for each day. I find this a tremendously helpful resource. It has an expanded nutritional content view that allows easy scanning and comparison of foods. Things with with higher salt, fat or sugar are easy to spot. This soup comes up on the higher-sodium side of things I eat.

It has been a revelation how much salt is in most prepared foods. Even “healthy” brands like Weight Watchers, Eating Right, Lean Cuisine, Amy’s, O Organics, Morningstar Farms, etc. have enough sodium to make hitting targets difficult. For salt-watching fans of this soup, you may not be doing as well as you thought. I’ll still buy this, but will eat it less often/in smaller portions. Looks like cooking from scratch is best to insure not overdoing the salt. Too bad, easy to prepare, healthy meals are a great convenience and there is a place for them in this busy world. Enjoy the soup, but count the milligrams!

TravisPearl River, LA

Best Soup That You Didn’t Make Yourself

Some soups are forgettable cups of nutrition, others are memorable only for their imbalance – too salty, too tart, too concentrated, too bland…. Certainly packaged soups are the worst offenders. Behold Pacific Foods Light Sodium Organic Creamy Tomato. At long last, perfect balance in a packaged soup. The tomato flavor, the core issue here, is not only warm and tangy, it’s got that little hint of sweetness that only appears in a fresh tomato. I can’t imagine how Pacific Foods does it – you’d swear it was pulled from the vine on a summer’s day and magically transported into your mug. The creaminess is a velvety blanket of affection that surrounds you, yet never overwhelms the tomato flavor. And while my homemade soups can not stand without the support of chicken stock or beef broth, somehow Pacific Foods has worked even more magic by making this soup completely vegetarian, yet full-dimensional and rich.
Now if only Amazon could figure out how to pack the shipment a bit better…. cleaning off 11 cartons because the 12th got bashed in transit – no fun. Ah well, at least I can console myself with another mug of perfection.
JanuaryNoxen, PA

convenient meal or snack

This delicious, lower sodium tomato soup is convenient to take with you and satisfying either warm or right from the carton cold. Stir in favorites for a more hearty meal. Also a good base for tossing with pasta and veggies for a light summer fare.
LavonaMaine, NY

Wonderful, rich tasting tomato soup

As a child Campbell’s tomato soup was a staple at my house, but the high sodium content held me back from feeding it to my own kids. I happened upon this at the grocery store one day and myself and my kids LOVED it. This is the only soup (of any flavor) that I can get my picky daughter to eat. Although this ‘low sodium’ version still has a considerable amount of sodium in it (most any prepackaged soup does), I figure since she doesn’t eat it every day and our diet is generally low sodium anyway, it won’t hurt anything…not to mention the health benefits of tomatoes which my daughter will not eat regularly.
This soup is very creamy and pairs well with a sandwich, crackers, or even grilled chicken. I often pack some in a thermos for my daughter’s lunch. I would compare it to La Madeleine’s creamy tomato basil soup but with a smoother texture and far less calories.
KeniaPalm Harbor, FL

Great soup

I love this soup so much that I have added it to the subscribe and save service. It is wonderful by itself and is gluten free. Even my wheat loving husband loves this soup. I also use it to cook with and have found it works great. Just substitute it for any recipe that calls for tomato soup. I use it in a halupki casserole and it is delicious.
JacquelynnHayward, WI