Pacific Natural Foods Organic Savory Chicken & Wild Rice Soup, 14.5-Ounce Cans

Free-range chicken raised on a vegetarian diet sets the tone for this delicious soup that tastes old fashioned, organic and as if it were made from scratch. The organic wild rice balances chunks of free-range organic chicken, organic vegetables and a rich, earthy broth.

Quick facts

  • Is free from dairy
  • Is free from corn
  • Is free from soy
  • Is free from wheat

Top reviews

too much pepper!

This is just awful soup with so much black pepper, I nearly choked on it. It had a burnt taste. Very poor quality control on this item. I was shocked because this brand’s chicken broth is very good.
ElishaBarron, WI

Dog food smells better! YUUUUUCCCCKKKK!

This is my first time trying Pacific Foods soups and maybe my last time. I could not believe somebody would make this soup, package it and then sell it. This soup is not consumable, and what makes it worse, it smells bad. Honestly, I think dog food smells better. I really do not think a dog would eat it either. I put it in the fridge thinking I could come back to it and try it again – I could not do it. I think the garbage disposer chocked on it also! If I could give this soup a zero, I surely would. Keep your money in your pocket. Wolfgang Puck has much better organic soups. I should have read the one review before I wasted […] on this crap! I am going to stick with their line of broths.
LoisGheens, LA

My Favorite (not sure what can the other reviewers opened…)

I’m a foodie and love this soup! I avoid gluten, and had missed the comfort and taste of chicken noodle soup for years. This is a real ‘adult’ chicken soup with nice-sized chunks of chicken, carrots and celery. The picture on the label doesn’t do justice to the rice — the rice inside is a nice, textured, wild rice. Sorry to see that the other reviewers had a bad experience, but I wonder if the cans they received were handled improperly because my experience doesn’t resemble theirs at all. I’ve eaten about 6 cans of this soup so far, and am now buying it by the case.
BenjaminPickens, WV

DO NOT PURCHASE with a dairy allergy!

I bought this ONLY because my grand daughter can not have any dairy at all and they said “no dairy” however, the can clearly says it uses dairy. I am ashamed that Amazon is allowing this to be sold and then refuses to accept a return.

Now I am stuck with 32.00 plus shipping for soup I could have bought at my local store, you have the chance to save yourself, so I suggest you do not buy this…..

KaraWashington, LA