Pacific Natural Foods Soup, Curried Red Lentil, 32-Ounce Cartons

A savory blend of red lentils, organic onion and carrot complement the subtle sweetness of coconut and hot Madras and organic curry. The result is a delicious soup with layers of complexities waiting to be discovered in each bite. The taste of the Far East awaits you.

Quick facts

  • Is free from dairy
  • Is free from corn
  • Is free from soy
  • Is free from wheat
  • Is free from yeast

Top reviews


I am normally very skeptical of high praise on these reviews, as I generally think that it is coming from the seller. No reviews can prepare you for how amazing this soup is. I have lived in Eastern nations, and I have not been able to find a curry like this in the United States. The taste is phenomenal and complex, and this soup would be great to mix with a rice, or as a filling thermos drink. Again, I am in awe at how amazing this product is!!
CorinnaBenton, CA


To rate a product low because you didn’t read the ingredient list to know it contained chicken broth is misleading on the products quality. This soup is scrumptious, just as the title of this review says. It’s creamy, flavorful, and fulfilling enough as an entree. We don’t eat large portions of food and found this soup to be just what we need on weeknights, sometimes with a nice arugula salad on the side. I imagine it would make a delicious base for other meals as well, including Indian dishes.
ScarletMarland, OK

My favorite soup

This is a creamy textured soup with a little bite. It does contain chicken broth, for those who are vegans to be aware of.
It’s a quick healthy snack, and I find I turn to it again and again.
I buy it on Amazon as its no longer available at the stores I shop in. Its been a favorite for the past two years.
It has a wonderful, interesting flavor, has a reasonable caloric content (1 C= 140 cal.) and needs nothing to make it more so, like many other soups which lack interest.
I’m about to purchase my second case.
AdolphPrague, NE


I got this because it was on sale. This is one of the best soups I’ve ever tried out of a box or can. Pacific brand soups are always good – but this one…Wow! Another reviewer had it just right – this has a complex and well balanced flavor. I will buy this for regular price in the future (and that’s saying something for a cheap-skate like me!)
AlixWest Newfield, ME

My favorite all time soup ever

This soup is very delicious if you like curry and lentils, a perfect blend of flavors and so healthy, too. It is so good it is addictive. I never get tired of it. I have tried many of the other Pacific Soups but none are as good as this one. For those of us saddled with restrictive diets (not vegan), a boring diet is hard to overcome. This soup meets all the requirements that I need to eat both protein and and gluten-free fiber at every meal. When it started disappearing from the stores (in Denver), I was devastated. Kudos to Whole Foods for turning me onto and kudos to for selling discontinued foods.
LoveTexline, TX

Really good

My wife and I eat this with rice and chicken on a weekly basis. Can’t find it at stores anymore, so we’ve come to Amazon to buy in bulk. And we are still running out of it on a regular basis
LeifLinden, IN