Pack of 4 – Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler Collection No.1 – A collection of 11 Finishing Salts – Taste the world of Salt TM

The Gourmet salt collection includes 11 of the best tasting hard to find salts, they are housed in the best Pyrex test tubes with all natural cork stoppers. They sit in a handmade wooden base. — The wooden base is handcrafted from discarded shipping pallets. — Salts in Collection Number No. 1 Include : —- Apple Wood Smoked – Murray River Pink – Bali Pyramid – Fleur De Sel France – Cyprus White Flake – India Black kala Namak – Pacific Blue KOSHER – El Salvador Qab-nab Taab – Bolivian Sunset – Hawaiian Red Alaea – Cyprus Rosemary Flakes —- Made in USA by The Spice Lab Inc. Ft. Lauderdale Florida —- Each Test Tube contains .6 to 1.3 Oz of salt depending on the density of each salt. Most Tubes have over 1 Oz of salt.

Quick facts

  • 4 Sets Gourmet Salt Collection #1 includes the following 11 Salts
  • Murray River Pink, Cyprus White Flake, Pacific Blue Kosher, India Black – kala Namak
  • Bali Pyramid, Apple Wood Smoked, El Salvador – Qab-nab Taab
  • Bolivian Sunset, Fleur De Sel, Hawaiian Red Alaea, Cyprus Rosemary Flakes
  • Award Winning Collection

Top reviews

High Risk, don’t buy!

One of the vials was broken when we received this product… but you can’t return the product or get a refund. What a rip off.
AliLa Farge, WI

Real Customer Service

I ordered this collection on 6/9/10 and it arrived on 6/12. Although it was was very well-packaged, this did not prevent the USPS from managing to break one of the tubes. The seller was contacted by email and a replacement requested. As this was a birthday gift and the occasion was only a week away, I offered to pay for expedited shipping. Seller responded immediately stating that a replacement would be shipped ASAP. The replacement tube arrived three days later in good shape. My offer to pay additional shipping charges was declined. In summary, this product is excellent and the customer service absolutely first rate. I highly recommend both the product and the seller.
KrystinTopeka, KS

4 of 11 Vials arrived broken

Four of the eleven glass vials arrived broken. The product is apparently not able to be returned, so I just wasted 55 dollars.
DinaQuimby, IA

Fantastic for the experimental chef!

This is such a great product from subtle flavors and aromas for delicate dishes to smokey salts for hearty cooking, this is a great product for the chef who loves flavor and experimenting in the kitchen. This is such a cool product!!
KalynPeru, VT

First class company, wonderful offerings

I purchased the Old World collection directly from the Spice Lab as a Father’s Day gift for my husband. The item was extremely well packed and arrived ahead of schedule. A small wooden salt spoon, sample packets of gourmet salts and a reference/index card with information about each of the 11 salts were included. Brett was responsive and helpful. This is a great company with an interesting variety of salts and spices. I will definitely make a future purchase and refer the Spice Lab to others.

UPDATE: I’m disappointed that my email reguarding a broken test tube and cork has gone unanswered. The first time I used one of the salts, I was extrememly gentle but a large piece broke off as well as some of the cork top. The tubes should not be so fragile so I sent an email to that affect to Brett, the owner. Despite answering my initial email about how much I loved the gift and where could I post a positive comment, he has not responded with regards to the breakage. Good customer service would be to follow up…..

DrusillaSilva, MO

Excellent starter set.

What a wonderful starter kit this is. While I am and was familiar with some varieties of exotic sea salts, I certainly had not had the opportunity to try this many at one time. Tather than chance buying a product that I did not like and being stuck with it, this allowed me to give each and everyone a try.

I plan to order at least three more sets for presents this coming year for friends that, like me, are foodies.

This is an excellent product.

FaustinoGreenville, IA

Pricey but nice selection of salts

I bought this as a gift for a friend who likes exotic salts, and it was a hit with him. It was well packaged with no breakage. (Some of the reviews have mentioned that they received broken containers.) The wooden holder is nice but not all that permanent. I would recommend this for someone who’d like to sample various kinds of salt and doesn’t mind paying a high price. The reason I gave it four and not five stars was the price.
JohannaGardnerville, NV

Adorable, great gift!

I gave this as a gift and it was a big hit. Nothing was broken, it was gift wrapped (paid for this), and even came with additional salt samples. I was surprised at the amount of salt in each tube. More than enough to get numerous meals of use out of each. It was well recieved and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. I will say I think the shipping cost was a tad high, but the salt was a good deal so it evens out.
MiguelNew Leipzig, ND

I’m buying two!

I bought this product for a friend, but I liked it so much, I’m keeping it and buying a second one for my friend!
TanishaMoxee, WA

Excellent gift for any cook!

I ordered this salt collection for my husband as a Christmas gift. He absolutely loves it and has used it every night since. This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. I will be ordering the second collection for him soon.
MercyKingston, OH

Great Gift Idea

What a great gift! I bought it for a couple of foodie friends and they LOVED it. It came beautifully packaged ready to gift. I would totally recommend it.
HarryCotuit, MA

Great gift for the foodie in your life!

Last year I gave this along with Salt: Cooking with the World’s Favorite Seasoning to my foodie friends and family. They all loved it! The salt tubes were well packaged and I ordered 10 sets and had no broken tubes. The package also came with salt samples which I really appreciate. I have Collection Sets 1 and 2 on my counter and get lots of comments about them when people visit.
TawandaBenoit, MS

great great great

this product is great and so is the company I had problem with the post office and they were right there to resolve the issue this is a great gift to yourself or to others
SooOrange, MA

Unique gift, surprising amount of salt!

This is a very neat gift for someone you know that is into cooking and eating. It has a wide variety of exotic salt represented in the collection.

There is a surprising amount of salt in the collection. In other words, each tube holds about as much salt as would fill a small salt shaker.

RicardoChatham, VA

Really great product!

Purchased this as a gift for a couple of salt loving friends – It is great and attractive! A note to purchasers: we had one vial of the salt arrive empty and it says no returns, if you contact the seller directly they will work with you. The seller send me a replacement vial (very quickly) and even sent a cool little salt dish along with it. Will definitely get this set for others (maybe even me) in the future.
SibylGarland, KS

Review Correction

On Sept.12 I posted the following seller review:
3/5 stars:
“I’m sorry to say that this item arrived with some slight cosmetic damage. On the top front edge of the rack there is what I would call a dent, but it’s also rough. From the way it was packaged I would have to say that it was that way when it was put into the box. I intended this as a gift, and I don’t have time to return it, so I’ll just try to sand it down so it’s at least smooth.”
Jammies, September 12, 2012
Later Amazon added:
Message from Amazon: “This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.”

Shortly after I posted it, I received an email from The Spice Lab Inc. offering to send a new block. I sent them a couple of pictures of the damaged area. They sent me a new block and two little spoons to replace the one that was missing from my original order. The replacement block arrived yesterday in plenty of time for my trip to visit my son and daughter-in-law.

In hindsight, I should have contacted The Spice Lab before I posted the review, so they could have had time to resolve the problem. I had jumped to the conclusion that I’d need to return the item in order to get a replacement, which wasn’t the case.

Since it’s a gift, I can’t speak to the quality of the salt, but I can say that the block is very sturdy and attractive, and the little spoon is a charming addition.

I greatly appreciate the efforts of Brett at The Spice Lab, and I would happily buy from them again.

LorrieGolva, ND

Love this!

I got these salts for my boyfriend who loves to cook and love his salt! The stand they come in is wooden and sturdy, much nicer than I expected! The salts themselves are phenomenal and I have already bought the 2nd set!
KishaIla, GA