Paderno World Cuisine Manual Tomato Juicer

The Paderno World Cusine manual tomato press separates skin and seeds to only release the juice of the tomato pulp. The 8-1/4-inch by 4-inch hopper feeds a drum. When cranked, leavings and liquid are directed toward different chutes. The body and moving parts are made of stainless steel with removable plastic hoppers.

Quick facts

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  • Separates fresh tomato pulp and juice from seeds, stems, and skin
  • Stainless steel and plastic construction
  • Easy to operate
  • With hand crank
  • Commercial quality

Top reviews

Exactly as advertised

Well built, works great and easy to clean. A little on the pricey side but you get what you pay for. Very sturdy, goes together easily and stays together while in use. I used it for 3 hours straight and it worked perfectly. I found you need to clean the screen occasionally but other than that it is excellent.
MagaliTonalea, AZ

No multi-lingual Instruction Booklet

The product is great and performs as expected but there is no multi-lingual instruction booklet, only French! Thank goodness for pictures!
KeshiaMarianna, PA

The sauce is great, but the Juicer and process less so ….

The Back2Basics Manual Tomato Juicer is great conceptually but in execution less so. Probably this is due to the price point … it’s “reasonable” but the manufactured pieces don’t fit together well, and if you don’t crank just right, the whole thing comes apart and all the juice currently in production will be all over the kitchen. So, if you want just tomato juice, fine go for it — it will be delicious but what with the aggrevation trying to put the contraption together, the horrific clean up process, and the time, you’d be better off spending big bucks and getting another product.

Also, don’t be fooled by the image. The three strainers shown with the press are not included … available at an extra charge. That noted, I purchased the extras as I wanted a coarse salsa, which was fantastic, but given the investments noted above, still wish I’d spent the extra $$$.

LouisaRochelle Park, NJ