Pagen Original Wholegrain Wheat Krisprolls, 7.9-Ounce Packages

Skorpor or Original Swedish Toasts, or Véritables Pains Grillés Suédois, or Auténticos Panecillos Suecos, or Crostini Croccanti Svedesi, to mention just a few of the many names is an old Swedish bread speciality that has become an international favourite thanks to the successful launch of KRISPROLLS from Pågen.

Quick facts

  • Pack of five, 7.9-ounce packages (total of 39.5 ounces)
  • Crunchy, delicious, long-lasting speciality bread
  • Without any added sugar
  • Rich in flavour and fibre

Top reviews

Fabulous crispy bread

I discovered this crispy bread in Paris too & I am hooked. Fantastic with smoked salmon, melted cheese, with soup poured on it. I am so happy Amazon sells this; I have looked everywhere here in the U.S.
WesVinita, OK

love it!!

I come from France, so i know very well the krisproll.
I used to eat them, so whan I came in America I was looking for it, so whEN i FOUND IT on amazon i couldn’t resist.
I’VE been very happy with my purchase, already ate everything.
fantastic product and arrive in very good condition and fast.
BerneiceBelen, NM

Krispolls – the Swedish health rusk/cracker

Hard to find this Swedish whole wheat/whole grain rusk (Krispolls)in US stores, even specialty markets; whereas it’s a common shelf item at supermarkets in much of Europe. So, I searched on amazon, as I often do for hard-to-find items (most recently organic spelt crackers), and had a case of Krospolls within days! It’s a great, crunchy, healthy rusk for all kinds of spreads or just alone with soup or salad. Can also be grated into breadcrumbs and cut into croutons. Delicious, versatile and healthy!
ErinWoodinville, WA

Krisprolls by Pogen

I first found these wonderful “crackers” on a trip to Paris – they are incredibly delicious and very filling. I love to spread cheese or just some butter and fruit jam. You can even dunk them into your coffee or hot chocolate!! I will try these with a fresh from the garden chopped tomatoes and herb spread one of these days.

I’m very happy that I was able to locate these in U.S.A. as I had not found them in the local grocery or gourmet stores.

Many thanks AMAZON for supplying these fantastic Krisprolls and at a terrific price too. I hope others will try them!

RosanaNokesville, VA

Delicious BUT WATCH for price change with subscription

Wonderful, hearty for small tapas type spreads, cheese, etc. Would recommend this product BUT when I put in for subscription and checked the price for next time, it was over 20% more in just 2 wks time. Keep this in mind with any subscription. I also did a subscription for vitamins and the price doubled in less than 2 wks. These were not adverstized as promo prices.
JuneIndian Trail, NC

Great taste and low fat!

These are the best way to get your carbs without the calories. They have a wonderful taste and stay fresh for a long time. I put cheese on them and use the microwave to melt it and then add dijon mustard. I also put jam on them and use it for a dessert. They can be found in all of the super markets in Paris.
TanishaCorinth, KY