Pain Is Good Habanero Garlic Salsa Sauce, 15.5 Ounce

The sultans of sizzle know how to bring the heat and the flavor. Hot sauces, barbeque sauces, pasta sauces, drink mixers, hot snacks, spices, steak sauces, and more. We know you’ll find this extensive family of products delightfully painful. We think you’ll agree, pain Is good.

Quick facts

  • Recreating the intense heat, profuse sweat and fantastic mirages of extreme climates in the Mojave desert
  • This salsa features habaneros, jalapenos and Mo’s signature garlic
  • All natural
  • Heat meter: Hot

Top reviews

One of the Best!

It’s hot to the point of pain, but you still keep coming back for more. Plenty of great flavor, lots of emphasis on the garlic. I use it for dipping plain tortillas, and for this it’s one of my top two favorites. My other fave is Cajohns Jolokia Salsa 10.
JesusAneta, ND