Paldo Hwa Ramyun – with Soy Peptide, Hot & Spicy Noodles, 120 g Pouches, 5 count,

Paldo HWA Ramyun spicy noodles comes in 4.2 ounce pouch. Korean noodles with real spicy flavor. Paldo our main export products include all type of insatnt noodle soup, various types of bevereage, snack foods, traditional foodstuffs which cover almost 30 overseas countries.we have seen great success especially in Russia, USA, Cananda, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany etc.

Quick facts

  • Spicy & Flavorful taste
  • Chewy noodles
  • boil for 3 minutes

Top reviews

high class ramen

Or, as it says on the package Ramyun.

Really right spicy. With both a (high salt and MSG) broth package and a dried vegetable packet. The mushrooms in the packet never cook to my desired doneness, but they are edible.

It may say how eccentric I can be that I think these are great for breakfast.

Unfortunately, they were on sale when I bought them, and are not available at all just now. And I’m down to only one package left.

YvoneBrooksville, FL

LOVE this packet of scrumptious spicy noodles!! oh, it’s also vegetarian if it matters to you.

yes, it’s full of salt, msg and other lovely stuff, but it can’t be any worse than what you eat at many typical restaurants. i can handle a LOT of spice. seriously. in fact, sometimes i add a squirt of sriracha sauce on each bite when feeling indulgent. but this noodle would be spicy for some – if you can’t handle the heat, get the sapporo ichiban’s ramen. (or add less soup base, but more on that later.)

if you don’t count the high-priced specialty brand that i can’t remember the name of (eh, it wasn’t that good), this product also seems to have the distinction of being the only vegetarian instant ramen, thanks to the more accurate labeling of international food products. in case you’re a vegetarian searching for the ingredients, here it is as printed on the package, complete with spelling errors:

noodles: wheat flour, modified starch, palm oil, salt, gluten.
soup base: salt, monosodium l-glutmate, sugar, capsicum, ginger powder, red pepper, bean protein.
dried vegetables: green onion, mushroom, carrot, red pepper cabbage.

since one package contains almost 100% recommended intake of sodium for a petite person, this is what i do. besides adding my own fresh veggies, i pour the water out directly from the pot after cooking (thus leaving some in there), then i only add the half of the soup base. i have no desire to drink the liquid part, and i think some of the palm oil also gets release from the noodles. i skip the dried vegetable packet since they just look gross.

you could probably find this at a better price at your local korean grocery market if you have one nearby, but you can’t beat the convenience of amazon. for about $1 each subscribe-and-save, it’s worth it for me.

DebraSunshine, LA

love these hot spicy noodles

if you love hot and spicy and a bit of a noodle fan then this is a highly recommended brand to try. The noodles and flavoring sachet are a lot higher quality than the ‘ramen’ you find in the local non-asian grocery stores. Compared to prices in asian stores – this is a bargain and no lugging it all the way home. Fabulous value.
LanoraNew Holstein, WI

spicy vegetarian noodles

I am a vegetarian so I always look for those food items. These Paldo Hwa Raymyn noodles are just delicision, very spicy, with 2 packets for seasoning. I would highly recommend these noodles to everyone.
LaverneNunda, SD

Ramen Review

Of all the Paldo Ramen I’ve tried these are my favorite. Not too spicy but a nice bite and such a great price!
JolandaBiddeford, ME

Very Yummy for Vegetairans!

These are super yummy, but they aren’t quite as spicy as you’d expect them to be.

They are however, vegetarian; the best of Korean noodles, but without the beef stock.

WilliamsMartin, PA

My nieghbors from Guam turned me onto these

These are super fabulous. I actually crave them! These are not your average “broke food” ramen. The flavor and spice are terrific. They are not too spicy so that you can actually enjoy the flavor too. The dried veggies are great too. If you want to be authentic crack an egg into it while it is still cooking. My husband who did two tours in Korea adds cheese to his- I find that kinda gross but if that’s what the Koreans do then why not. I have never been to Korea , but eating these ramen make me feel like I can at least have a taste of it !
DrucillaFish Creek, WI

Awesome Ramen

I have a really hard time finding these noodles locally here in Denver. The H-Mart here doesn’t have them regularly.

I am vegetarian, so it can be very difficult to find spicy ramen that doesn’t have beef stock in it. In fact, this is the only spicy ramen I have found that doesn’t. These are the best ramen noodles I have ever had. Slightly spicy and delicious.

By the way, I eat a lot of spicy foods, so it is hard for me to gauge very well, but I would guess if you’re not like me and don’t eat much spicy stuff, these noodles could be too hot for you.

YoshieSweeny, TX

taste good, but I prefer Nong Shim’s noodle.

it taste good, but not fantastic I think. The noodle is good, but not as spicy as they say it would be. Anyway, I think I will buy Nong Shim’s noodle nest time instead of this one.
SheltonBeloit, WI

Not as good as Nong Shim

I am a Ramen aficionado and I hadn’t tried these. I decided to order them from Amazon. The noodles are great, but the broth is very sharp and it has a “powder-like” taste to it. It is not a savory, smooth, and tasty broth. Imagine if you cook noodles with cayenne pepper. Thats kind of how it tastes to me.

Get Nong-Shim, you won’t be disappointed. However, these are better than what you get at your local grocery store (Maruchan/Top ramen).

WoodrowProsperity, SC